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Having a good day

We did it! We finished our translation quota today! ...And I know that's not really very special in and of itself (at least, we hope not), but it is special today because we decided to take tomorrow off! Because we've both been feeling under the weather and we really need to just slow down and take some time to recover! In fact, it got to be so bad yesterday that we were seriously considering taking the day off today and finishing My Monster Secret tomorrow. But we knew it would be that much more relaxing to take time off if we didn't have unfinished work hanging over our heads, so we soldiered through and we even finished work a little early. (Also, it wasn't really that bad, just bad enough to really want to lie down now and forever.)

Other than that, I don't know that I have a whole lot to say. If you're bored, why not read one of our Noragami reviews? (see tags below)

I do have a quick story to share, though. In preparation for our relaxing day off, we washed all our blankets that had been lying around gathering dust since last spring, and while I was going back and forth for that endeavor, I came across a man who lives in our complex that we see from time to time, usually while we're waiting for our ride to come pick us up for church. He always smiles and waves, and we always smile and wave back. This time, he asked how I was doing and I answered as I usually do, "I'm doing alright; how are you?" And he answered back, "I'm doing good! I wake up every day and it's a good day!"

What makes his answer especially extraordinary is that he's a black man. And based on a lot of what I've read, our society is currently such that it's impossible for him to have a good day even frequently, let alone every day. So I thought, wow, what a good attitude! And I thought I should try to have an attitude like that, too.

...It's easier said than done.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our work early, getting to take tomorrow off, having two new Christmas albums to listen to (one of traditional carols and one of hammered dulcimer music), our friend being so kind to come pick us up from the dinner last night when we really wanted to go home, and people with good attitudes.
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