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Winter wonderland

Well, I think it's safe to finally say that we have a Christmas tree. After we went to Disneyland and saw all the holiday stuff, it put us in a bit of the Christmas spirit...although World of Color kind of put a damper on that, which reminds me there was another segment I sort of wanted to mention. They did one to an a cappella arrangement of the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies and the Russian Dance from the Nutcracker, but all the visuals for some reason were from the Dance of the Hours sequence of Fantasia. It's possible that they just wanted to mix it up and be different, but the way Disney's been doing stuff these days, it's hard not to suspect that they just forgot that there is animation to those dances in Fantasia, but the hippo, ostrich, and elephant ballerinas were not a part of it. Then again, maybe they thought, "It's a ballet! We should have ballet dancers." I don't know.

Anyway, we were feeling the Christmas spirit, so that night we came home and ordered a Christmas tree from the Target website. We found out that they had the Virginia pine in a six-foot size which is even more what I wanted (I wanted a tree just a liiiittle bit taller than me)! So we ordered it, and it cost less than the 6.5-footer, and it was 30% off. So we still have some money to put toward the Snorlax beanbag chair fund. ...Or we might have spent it all on overpriced holiday food at California Adventure.

Anyway, even though we saved money on the tree itself, we were still thinking we ought to save money, so we went with standard shipping, which means it's not scheduled to arrive until Tuesday. But! since it was shipped from just a few cities over, it came yesterday!

So after work, we opened the box...and it was the right tree! Huzzah! So we set it up immediately, and then we pulled out all the plush toys we wanted to decorate it with (we technically have some Christmas tree ornaments that were given as gratuities at various annual passholder events a couple of years ago, but I don't know where they are; Athena knows but she doesn't care, and frankly neither do I, they're not that great). And now it is a winter woodland extravaganza! I do think it would be a good idea to get some more sparkly decorations to reflect the lights better, but for now it's plenty festive already.

Now we just need to get some nice Christmas music to listen to. But I'm not sure if we would listen to it much, but anyway, I really like the idea of having our very own Christmas playlists tailored to our own tastes for once. Why don't we already have one, you ask? ...I really couldn't say. Apathy, most likely. We used to have two Christmas CDs that we listened to a bunch at Christmas time, but since the move their whereabouts remain unknown. And it would be nice to branch out. But we're still a little wary of spending extra money, so we'll see if we actually go through with it.

Today I'm thankful for finally having the right Christmas tree, having it all set up and adding Christmas cheer to our home, finally catching that Pinpuku (I knew there had to be a trick to it!), fast shipping, and our schedule being light enough that we can take some time off next week and hopefully stop having colds.
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