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The world is a carousel of strollers

Before I get to talking about World of Color, there was one other thing that happened at Disneyland yesterday that I wanted to talk about. Gaston went to renew his annual pass, and we talked to the cast member at the ticket booth for a while. She said something about it being the most magical place on earth, and I did my usual, "Nnnn, I dunno," thing, and Gaston kind of agreed, so she asked us what would make it more magical. Immediately, Gaston said, "A day without strollers, for one," beginning our commiseration about strollers, in which we found out that the proliferation of strollers at the parks is even more insidious than we thought.

So here's the thing. Strollers are usually fine in their place. But they take up a lot of space, and Fantasyland and Adventureland have both basically become stroller parking lots--they're all over the place. Like cockroaches, only big and more in the way. And as grumpy as we are, we tend to complain about them. We especially complain when there is a child in the stroller who is clearly old enough to spend the day on his or her feet, because they're so tall it looks like they'd be more comfortable walking. Either their knees are pulled up to their faces or their feet are dragging on the ground.

Gaston mentioned this phenomenon to the cast member at the ticket booth, and she told us that there are people who use the strollers as a prop to help "convince" cast members that their child is still only two years old, and therefore is entitled to free admission. Apparently this happens when the child appears to be as old as six. And for the time being, there's not a whole lot the Disney cast members can do about it. My idea is to impose a height limit--find out how tall the tallest just-turned-three-year-olds are (our sisters are always talking about how their kids and their friends' kids are in the such-and-such percentile, so we know people are keeping track of these things), add two inches to that, and if the kid is taller than that, no free admission. I think it's a fairly merciful way to do it. And since they're always pushing the annual pass idea onto people, it wouldn't hurt to have a child rate (ages 3-9) for those, either. Maybe I'll get to take another survey someday...

Anyway, World of Color. They had a new show for the holiday season this year was actually fairly decent, but a little low on energy. The first half was pretty much just super fancy music videos, played on screens made of water, to the tunes of various popular secular Christmas/winter songs. Gaston loved the selection because it was a lot of his favorites. We wondered about the concept, because when you're watching a show called World of Color, "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" maaaaay not be the best choice. It was a pretty colorful white Christmas, though. They had a cute princess montage to go along with "Baby It's Cold Outside," which was...just... Like I said, the montage was cute, but Disney princesses get a bad enough rap as it is--can we maybe not tie them with a super rapey song? In Disney's defense, they did change the lyrics to make it a little less rapey, rewriting lines like, "Say, what's in this drink?"

But I digress. For the most part, they did at least choose scenes from Disney movies to match the lyrics of the songs, so they seemed to be more in sync, but they weren't really "there" until they did this really cool segment that started with Goofy saying something about decorating for the holidays, and then they played some rock music, I guess? And used lighting effects and timed the fountains to go with the rhythm of the music, so it all worked together really well. And, since the water show takes place in front of the Ferris wheel and the roller coaster, they also timed lights on both of those to look like a string of Christmas lights and turn on and off and change color with the rhythm. It was super awesome.

...And I think that's most of the stuff worth mentioning, except that the ending was kind of confusing. They did "Let There Be Peace on Earth" and made it very finale-like, and then they shut off all the lights in a "the end" kind of way, and the street lights came back on...but the fountains and music were still going. That was okay, because sometimes the nighttime spectaculars have a kind of "post-show" for people to look at as they slowly make their way out of the viewing area, but then that song ended and they did another song. It was like, "Okay, is the show over or isn't it?" And then that song ended, and the announcer said, "Thank you for joining us!" So I guess that's when it was over over, but man, it was weird. Is it their way of training people to stay for the credits or something? I don't know. It was just confusing. And I was worried that I missed something, because when the street lights came back on, I stopped paying attention, but then I realized that stuff was still happening. Just like this paragraph. I think I'm done writing it, but then I have to add something else. I just don't know when to stop, a lot like that show.

Okay, stopping now. Today I'm thankful for meeting our work quota for today, encouraging emails from our editor, getting our package much sooner than expected, getting to have lots of delicious pizza last night and today, and the hope that one day people will develop consciences and stop lying about their kids' ages to get them into Disneyland.
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