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Festival of Holidays

We have returned! And unsurprisingly, we are exhausted. Disneyland was fun as usual. We saw Viva Navidad again, which continues to be one of the best things they're currently doing. This year, in addition to Viva Navidad, they're celebrating even more different cultures by inviting different performing groups to We didn't even realize what was going on until we were walking away from the Viva Navidad area and heard some different music coming over the speakers.

We kept going and ran into a stage where they had a group called Blue13 performing Indian dances for Diwali (that W is pronounced like a V). Of course, we're uppity, so we couldn't resist joking about how offended we were to be wished a happy Diwali. We took it in both directions. We could be offended that they were trying to impose their beliefs onto us, or we could be offended that they're not acknowledging all the other holidays that are celebrated this time of year. But really it went like this:

Athena: [in an offended tone] They wished me. A happy. Diwali.
Gaston: Were you offended?
Athena: [cheerful] No.

The truth is, it was awesome. The dancing was fun, the costumes were beautiful, and we love learning everything about everything. And they taught us all some moves so we could join in their big Bollywood finale! And I am not a competent dancer, so I could not do them very well, but it was fun anyway.

Later wanderings led us across the path of Mostly Kosher, which I am kind of afraid to try to describe by myself, so here, have a link. They were a lot of fun, too, and I loved that fiddle.

But anyway, we now have some pizza from Pizza Hut getting cold, so we're off to dinner! I'll have to talk about the new World of Color later.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our translation of Nekogahara 2, having some pizza to eat, getting to see Blue13, getting to see Mostly Kosher, and getting to see Viva Navidad.
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