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I'm pretty sure I've plugged Karin before, but I want to plug it again, because it makes me happy. It's a nice, heart-warming vampire story, and it's available fansubbed at AnimeSuki. It kind of gives the impression of being fan-service-y from the opening sequence, but in the actual story, mostly there's only some bouncing here and there. Except maybe in the first episode; usually the first episode is the worst. I'd give a basic plot summary, but I don't think that would convey what kind of a series it is. So just go try it for yourself! Please?

Also, we tried hot chocolate floats today. I think it's another thing that's better in theory than in practice, but it might just be that I really just like my drinks cold. I would like to try a chocolate milk float with mint chip ice cream, though. That sounds yummy.

And! We watched Ultimate Enemy again. Not sure why that's important, but I wanted to mention it anyway. It was kind of depressing, though, when I realized that we're almost as old as the villain. I can't wait until they start showing new episodes again. I want them to show Danny Phantom in Japan so I can obsess over the Japanese dub voices, and so Clay can see it. And so we can watch it when we get to Japan. Or maybe we'll be able to download fansubs! I like that idea because it's ironic.

Tonight, I'm thankful for not always having the Kid Jamz songs stuck in my head, Nickelodeon's Year in a Week thingie they had, Taiyou no Basho, Saturday morning cartoons, and being able to renew our Internet service.
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