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Missions of Love volume 13

Well, Gaston has called and is on his way down here for another trip to Disneyland! He called on Thanksgiving to let us know he would be coming this week, but he didn't tell us what day. We did suspect it would be Wednesday, because Gaston has the uncanny ability to choose his Disneyland visits for the days that Farley will not be around, and that's when Farley is off this week. But we can never be sure, because whenever we plan for something to happen a certain way, inevitably it happens differently.

But the point is, we don't want to miss Review Rednesday! So it sort of turned into a late Reviewsday, but here is our review of Missions of Love 13! Spoiler level: I don't know if it's possible to figure out anything that happened in this book based on this review, so...mild.

When we were working on this volume, we got an email from our editor on the series, who was new to this series because our old editor on the series resigned, and she told us that surprise! we had yet a new editor on this series. And since we hadn't worked on this series in over a year, we jump to the worst conclusions and assume that this series is getting pawned off all the time because everybody hates it. Really, the first editor resigned from the whole company, so there's no evidence one way or another on his feelings, and the second editor is also working on some of our most frequent and most time-consuming titles, and I guess I can see why she would prioritize those. But the point is, we came to the conclusion that the English release of this series may very well exist solely for the benefit of Athena and me, but we're okay with it, because we love it so dearly.

And then of course we can't help but compare it to the other shojo series we're working, which everyone seems to adore, but that we don't like very much, to the point that we have a hard time believing that the people who seem to adore it even really like it that much, they're just still reading it out of some sense of obligation, but the point is both series involve stupid teenagers being stupid, but this one (Missions of Love) is at least more entertaining. We find the characters to be a lot more interesting. And Yuki Kaji is in both, so our inherit bias doesn't apply...except that he plays a much bigger role in Missions, who is still pretty evil but not as slimy. So maybe we are biased, but we hearted this series way before we cared about Kaji-kun.

And this volume is pretty much on the same level as the rest of the series. Although we kind of agree with the girls who read Yupina's latest installment of her novel, when they're like, "But the Count wasn't in it..." Shigure isn't really in this volume. Well, actually he is, but not very much. But when he is in it, it gets way more interesting. Not that the series isn't interesting without him, of course. But the point is Hisame. As he states in the under-the-slip-cover comic, he's the main character of this volume, and I really think he needs to get professional help. Somebody needs to teach him more healthy ways to deal with his problems than making girls cry. I kind of hope his encounter with Shiro from Kami-Kami Kaeshi knocks some sense into him, but since it's not part of the real series, I don't think it will.

But the main thing about this volume is Yukina's struggle to figure out whether or not she really has a heart. I think that when you've matured to a certain point, you look at that kind of thing and you think, "Don't be stupid, of course you have a heart." But when you're having a hard time with everything and somebody comes along and tells you something like what Hisame said to Yukina, it can be pretty hard not to take them seriously, because you don't have the emotional reserves to bounce back and say they're wrong. And then of course Shigure has to make it worse because he's struggling, too, and it's all very argh, but in a way that makes sense to me so I only want to smack him a little.

And then there's Akira. This is another kid that needs some help. How is dating Mami supposed to help your relationship with Yukina? Are you trying to make her jealous? Because in that case the whole keeping it a secret thing isn't going to work, unless you're planning to only pretend to be keeping it a secret. Are you going out with Mami as a way to figure out how to really date girls so you can take that information and use it in your relationship with Yukina? That sort of almost makes sense, but man, you need to figure out why Mami came up with the idea in the first place. Are you finally admitting to yourself that Yukina just doesn't like you like that and it would be better for you to break up with her and move on with your life but you can't bring yourself to do it so you're resorting to the stupidest thing you could do?

The sad thing for Hisame is, if he weren't being so stupid himself, he might be able to form an unholy alliance with Akira to get Shigure out of the picture so they can both have the girl they want. ...Which is not something I really want them to do because it ignores Yukina's feelings [except I do want them to do it, because it would make for great drama, especially seeing Yukina and Shigure overcome it all], but on the other hand, the only reason Shigure got so upset was that she was all, "I was right to choose Akira!", so maybe she wouldn't be too heartbroken. But then Shigure would be sad, so that would be a bit of a bummer.

Finally, there's Shigure's father and how he calls him Shigure-kun. This is something they've been alluding to for a while now, but...they're still just alluding to it. We just get a little tiny bit every so often.

We did have some challenges with this volume, the biggest of which being the search to find out what exactly it was that Shigure told Yukina at the end of the date. She just says, "deeto no saigo," which means "the last of the date," and we took it to mean the end of her date with Shigure, which we assumed was over before she moved on to her date with Akira, so we checked that conversation and found nothing even resembling what she said he'd told her. Then we remembered that he tried to interfere with her date with Akira, so we checked there and still no luck. Finally, Athena just kept flipping from the date onward, and that's when we were reminded that he found her after her whole weirdo date with Akira (seriously, these kids need help). So we found our script and read our translation of what he said, and we were like, "Awww, that's so cute!" And we were happy that that scene had a decent translation. We were also happy that now we could give this new scene a decent translation, because what we had in the rough draft was awful. Sometimes I think about posting snippets of our rough drafts somewhere where people can see them, because they can be pretty hilarious in their non-finalizedness.

And I think that's it for this volume. Other than $1500 for glasses!? Are they really that expensive? Is her eyesight so bad that she needs super specialized lenses? Did she get super fancy transitions lenses? Is it because they got the glasses done that same day? At any rate, it was pretty great that she insisted on wearing Hisame's glasses until she got hers fixed.

Also, the end of the Shigure and Snow Yukina story was pretty great.

And that's it for this week! As for new releases, this week we have...nothing! That's right--nothing we translated came out this week. Unless the dates were done wrong. And it's looking like (unless we're missing something) we don't have another new release next week either. There will be one release the week after that, and then there won't be another one for a whole month! And that all means that I won't be speeding up the rate of review posting. And that means that if you want something to jump ahead in line (like Fire Force or In/Spectre), you should speak up!

Tune in next week, for the eighth and final volume of Devil Survivor!
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