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Alethea & Athena
Trying to avoid Pokedebt 
29th-Nov-2016 04:53 pm
Today was fraught with danger! ...for our finances. And it wasn't really that fraught; we just started getting funny ideas. See, what happened was, we got an email from GameStop, and it was all, "Hey look, we have Pokemon merchandise! We know you waaaaaaant some!" And we were like, "Of course we want Pokemon merchandise, don't be ridiculous!" And this is not even entirely true; we do want Pokemon merchandise very badly, but only very specific merchandise. Namely, a life-sized Rowlet plush.

But they had a fancy game guide or something in the pictures that made me think, "We should click on the link to see what that thing is all about." So we clicked on the link, and it showed us all their shiny Pokemon toys. And most of it was related to the card game, so we were like who cares, and we were just going to get to the end of the page and, now that we had an idea of what they had and we could walk away with our curiosity satisfied. But by the end of the page, they had shown us a Popplio plush and a Litten plush...but no Rowlet! So naturally we had to keep going until we got to it...on the last page of 26. For goodness sakes. And it wasn't available online anymore, so I guess they moved it to the back because they were sold out. Also, it wouldn't tell us the dimensions, so we flipped the table and yelled about its uselessness.

No we didn't, we went to Amazon Japan because we knew they would be more helpful. And sure enough, they told us that the plush was...too small. I mean, little versions of little Pokemon can be extra cute because littleness automatically makes things cute (this has been a true fact since before Sei Shonagon wrote The Pillow Book about a thousand years ago (she has a list of things that are adorable, including "anything little")), but it's not what we want. We want a life-sized one.

Guess where you can buy a life-sized Rowlet plush! If you guessed Amazon Japan, you're right! ...There are probably some other places that would be right, too. For example, the ideal situation would be if we could go to the Pokecenter in Japan, where they would be sure to have one. And I think our dreams of doing that played a large part in our having the self-control to say no, not now. Well, that and the five thousand yen price tag. And the fact that of course it had the "often bought together" picture with the life-sized Popplio and Litten, and wouldn't it be SO COOL to have all three? But a hundred fifty dollars (plus shipping) makes it a lot easier to say, "Yeeeeah, maybe not now," than fifty.

What really tested our resolve was something ever so slightly more practical. I mean, we would probably get a lot of use out of it, but we don't necessarily need it. GameStop, through ThinkGeek, is selling the Snorlax beanbag chair. And we thought about it and were like, "You know...that would make for a nice place to sit for gaming..." And then we started getting really funny ideas, like, "And we just cleared a space for it that's going to remain unoccupied for a while..." And it got even worse by adding, "And we just got a hundred-forty dollars back from returning that Christmas tree..."

And now we're genuinely torn between getting a Christmas tree and getting a Snorlax beanbag chair.

The most probable outcome is that we'll just keep distracting ourselves with work and video games and continue to lead a bland, colorless, Christmas-tree-and-Snorlax-less life. And then we start working on Land of the Lustrous, so at least we'll have some sparkle. After we cross four other things off our list.

It's really not as bleak as all that, silly! (<--the "silly" is directed at ourselves) We like all the things we're working on! And Athena caught an Itomaru today. We didn't even know we were missing that one! And my spinning kit came yesterday, so there may be crafting on the horizon. ...Assuming we can pull ourselves away from the Pokemon. (The real danger of working on a series that we know is going to an adapter: "Wow, that translation is awful! It doesn't even make any sense!" "Who cares? It's not our problem. Let's go play Pokemon!" "... ... ...Okay!")

Today I'm thankful for having a lovely chat with our sister on her birthday, getting to joke(?) about spending our life savings on Pokemon, finishing our first draft of My Monster Secret, catching an Itomaru (we think that one's from Gold & Silver), and getting a payment this week.
29th-Nov-2016 10:24 pm (UTC)
"Snorlax beanbag chair."
I vote for this!!!!
30th-Nov-2016 12:39 am (UTC)
Thanks, Grinch!

I'm sorry! I was just kidding! Please don't feel bad! (I don't know if you would have felt bad, but please don't, either way.) We are definitely considering it.
30th-Nov-2016 02:38 am (UTC)
Ha ha. I know you were kidding calling me Grinch. No worries:)
1st-Dec-2016 10:30 pm (UTC)
30th-Nov-2016 12:15 am (UTC)
Ahhh!! Badtz! Well, I vote for the Christmas tree :) I think they're fun to decorate all pretty, and then sit with the tree lights on and all the rest of the house dark, and drink cocoa and feel warm and happy...

PLUS could you both sit in the Snorlax beanbag chair?? If not, wouldn't one of you feel cheated of the experience? A tree is enjoyable for all, even the people walking by outside who see it twinkling in your window!

Having made my case, I will move on and let you decide (or decide by not deciding either way).

Itomaru! Spinarak in English! I didn't know either of those names until I looked it up! (proving that you can continue to call them whatever official name you want and it's all the same to me.) What a cute green spider :)

Maybe ask for the Rowlet plush for Christmas...?
30th-Nov-2016 12:48 am (UTC)
It's true--Christmas trees are a wonderful source of light and cheer! Definitely hard to pass up!

As for the beanbag chair, usually how we play video games is Athena sits on this legless chair that we got from Target years ago and is hardly ergonomic in any way but we continue to use it because it's what we have, and I'll lie down on the couch so I'm kind of in a raised position ideal for looking over her shoulder. We do this whether she's playing on a handheld console or on the TV (our couches are not super good for gaming), but the point is since I'm on the couch, Athena would use Snorlax most of the time, but that would be okay. And the fact that the Target chair is so out of shape, and that the Snorlax has the potential for also holding up Athena's head (depending on how we position it and how moldable it is; it's possible that the hope for this potential is vain), makes it really hard to pass up the Snorlax idea, too. Also the fact that Christmas trees are eternal and we know Pokemon merchandise goes away from sad experience (Cecille wanted to buy a Torchick when we went to the Pokecenter in January, but it was not to be; and then there's the sleeping Bulbasaur...).

Nevertheless, Christmas tree! And so the decision is made difficult. We are still considering.

Spinarak! That name is familiar, now that you mention it! (Athena got Pokemon Silver in both Japanese and English, because we only had one other friend to play it with in Japanese.)

That is a very reasonable idea, to ask for Rowlet for Christmas...
30th-Nov-2016 02:54 am (UTC)
Yeahhh, the ephemerality of merchandise is a valid point: if this Snorlax is someone you've determined needs to be a part of your household then you have to make the choice you won't regret later :)
1st-Dec-2016 10:31 pm (UTC)
I know, right! This is one that actually did make its way to overseas markets, so maybe it will stick around longer, but we can't get too complacent.
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