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The saga continues

The Christmas tree saga continues. We went to Target today and got in a surprisingly long customer service line. I guess it being the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend means a lot of people need to make sure things are just right for Christmas. When we got to the front of the line, we dealt with someone who was either very new or very frazzled or very both. We explained the problem and it didn't seem to quite register, but she did figure out that we didn't want the tree that we got. So she refunded us all our money, and we asked her if they happened to have another one of the model on the label. After asking a coworker how, she looked it up and found that, not entirely surprisingly, it was out of stock. So we accepted the refund and left. Our next plan is to check online and see if we can get the one we want, hopefully at the price we paid (which was half off).

In the meantime, Gaston should be coming for a trip to Disneyland sometime this week. If he hadn't called to warn us, we would probably be going tomorrow anyway, to take advantage of people (hopefully) being worn out from Thanksgiving, leaving the park relatively empty.

Other than that, it's pretty much just work and Pokemon. We do think we should finish up Ace Attorney 6 at some point...

Today I'm thankful for at least getting our money back, getting to go out for Joe's Italian Ice as a consolation prize, Pizza Hut sending us a surprise discount coupon that turned out to be for 50% off (we're saving it for after we wear ourselves out at Disneyland), remembering that we have a heater, and customer service representatives.
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