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Alethea & Athena
More Poketalk 
27th-Nov-2016 05:38 pm
Decided not to neglect LJ today. The Christmas tree situation is moving forward, but the only thing that's happened so far is that we now have plans to go back to Target tomorrow. Tadah!

We did in fact spend most of last evening staring at the 3DS. I thought I could talk about Pokemon some more, because I remembered having more to say that I didn't say last time, and then I couldn't remember what it was, but as I was typing I did remember, so let's see if it's any interesting. The other problem with coming back to Pokemon after so long is that now we have very little idea which Pokemon are new to Sun & Moon, and which Pokemon showed up in previous games. Of course we recognize all the ones from Red and Blue. We even memorized all five versions of the Pokerap back when we watched the anime in the late '90s. Of course, that's not really helping us to remember the English names. We came across a Diguda, and if took days for us to remember that it's Diglet in English. ...It is Diglet, right?

And we some of the ones from Gold and Silver, but we never knew the English names for most of those. We do know that Sonansu became Wobbuffet, which doesn't make for nearly as funny a joke in the English dub of the anime. I don't even know if I can explain it. But basically, for anyone who remembers this part of the anime from over ten years ago (or maybe it's still a thing? I really don't know), whenever Team Rocket would be saying something or commenting on something, Wobbuffet would chime in with a "Wooobbuffet!" And we would imagine what that would sound like in Japanese, and be like, "...Yeah, that's a lot funnier." Because Sonansu basically means, "Yeah, that's right!" And this would probably be a lot better if I could think of any examples of this happening, but unfortunately, I cannot.

Anyway, as for all the other Pokemon we've been seeing, we just don't know. Okay, I'm pretty sure the starter Pokemon are new to this game. Maybe one day we'll look them all up and find out, but for now, we just want to see all the Pokemon as we encounter them in the game. And that of course brings up the problem of Sun-only Pokemon. We're always checking the Pokedex to make sure we're on track for catching all the Pokemon, but whenever there's a gap, we don't know if it's because we missed one or if it's because we can't get that one. I wonder if there's a list somewhere of all the Pokemon that can only be caught in Sun and all the Pokemon that are unique to Moon, but that only lists the numbers, without even the names or anything else. That would be helpful.

Today I'm thankful for getting some roll cake and frosted brownie bites at Bread Day, having plans to resolve the Christmas tree issue, finally getting to talk to people about what the plans are for church on Christmas day, catching some new Pokemon last night, and Page being super cute in her heated cat bed.
27th-Nov-2016 11:47 pm (UTC)
Because I've already spoiled myself on which 'mons are exclusive to Sun vs Moon, I can look this up and give you the numbers (going by the Alola numbering): 75-76, 87-88, 177, 188-189, 194-195, 224, 253-254, 291, 294, 298 are the ones you can only get in Sun.

There are so many new ones from games past that I didn't play (or didn't play extensively), I don't worry about which are new-new and which are old-new. It's all a new world to explore! ...I guess I'm okay with my position of know-nothing fan when it comes to Pokemon. There are a lot of details in these games I don't know, or learn and then forget, or never begin to care about. I just want to play with fun critters and dress up in cute clothes. (and that's why Animal Crossing was the first game I bought myself...)

I was sorry to read about your wrong-tree experience yesterday, and I'm glad it's on its way to getting straightened out! Hope you get to have a fun tree lighting (or decorating, since it'll be prelit) celebration soon!
28th-Nov-2016 02:01 pm (UTC)
Aww, thanks! This will be very helpful!

That's a good point--the excitement is seeing all the new ones, regardless of how new they are. (If you haven't seen 'em before, they're new to you!) But I guess I had some imaginary and entirely unrealistic scenario in my head where we would be talking to somebody and be all, "And I just love that new Pokemon! You know, !" and the other person would be all, "Dude, that Pokemon is from Diamond and Pearl." And we'd be all, "...Oh." Of course this scenario is impossible, because we don't talk to people.

And thanks for your support! We're hoping the tree situation gets sorted out with as little trouble as possible.
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