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Oh, Christmas tree...


I'm trying not to be too sad about today, but it's hard not to be disappointed. Remember back on Monday, how we went on that long(?) quest for a Christmas tree, and we eventually tracked down the perfect one, and we were so excited? And then we spent Thanksgiving cleaning our apartment so we would have a place to put it? We spent even more time cleaning today, sweeping and mopping our hardwood floor so it would be ready for the tree. It was pretty tiring, because I am out of shape. And then, finally, we were ready to set up our tree! And we were so excited!

We had already pulled the box out of the corner in the hall, because I needed to sweep and mop there, too, so we moved it out of the way to the living room, where I'd already swept and mopped. So we went to the living room and got to work opening the box...and noticed that the box had been opened before and retaped. I thought oh, maybe somebody just opened it to see if it's what they wanted or something, and then closed it again because either it wasn't what they wanted or some other reason that may or may not have made any sense. But when we got the box open, sure enough, the tree inside was not the one we bought.

...Okay, technically it is the one we bought, but not the one we paid for. ...Okay, so we did pay for it, but it wasn't the one we thought we were getting. The point is, somebody had opened the box, removed the Virginia pine with lights pre-installed that we thought we were getting, and replaced it with an unlit six-foot Alberta spruce. Athena looked it up and discovered that it was the least pricey of all of Target's Christmas trees, so clearly somebody had traded them in an attempt to get a deep discount. An attempt which apparently succeeded.

Anyway, we called the store and they said all we have to do is bring it in to the customer service desk and they'll solve the problem for us, so we'll be talking to our friend tomorrow to see about making that happen. But in the meantime, we thought we were going to have a festive Christmas tree in our living room tonight, and now we do not. It's hard not to be disappointed. But on the other hand, we were probably going to spend the evening staring at a 3DS anyway.

Today I'm thankful for having a clean living room, honest people, the rain we got today, the rain waiting until we got home from the store, and still having our receipt from when we bought that tree. (There's also the idea that the tree we got would like a nice home, too, so we might decide to keep it. I don't want to leave the Alberta spruce out in the cold, but I also really wanted a Virginia pine.)
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