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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We saw a thing on Facebook about how we need to remember the real history of Thanksgiving, so I'm going to recount what I know about it here. If I'm remembering correctly, the history of Thanksgiving as we know it is that one of the presidents--I think it was Abraham Lincoln--either thought or was told, "You know, we really should designate a day every year to look around and count our many, many blessings," and so the fourth Thursday in November was designated to be that day. Tadah!

I really think it's one of the best holidays, and everyone can take part in it, because people of all religions can take some time to appreciate what they have, whatever god(s) they worship, or even if they don't worship a god! And for those of you who are like, "It's not a great holiday for all the turkeys that are getting slaughtered!" you don't have to have turkey! Athena and I will be enjoying a delicious cheese pizza.

We mostly celebrated the holiday by showing our appreciation for our home, by which I mean we finally took some time to de-clutter. Of course, our apartment is full of clutter, so this mostly focused on the main part of the living room, because that's where we want to put our Christmas tree. But! I'm pleased with our progress, because what used to happen when we wanted to clean the living room is that we'd just move all the clutter into the office. And then we'd have someone come over and they would want to sleep in the office, so we would move all the clutter back to the living room. But this time! I also organized(?) the office closet, so instead of dumping all the clutter on the office floor, we were able to put it in the closet, and it stays out of the way! But the office still looks like a disaster area, because one of the things taking up space in the closet was a whole bunch of packing paper. And Page loves packing paper, so we hesitate to just throw it away, even though we'll probably be getting plenty more soon enough.

Unfortunately, we ran out of steam before I could sweep and mop, so the living room is not yet ready for a Christmas tree, but that's okay, because it's still Thanksgiving! And as I mentioned above, I think Thanksgiving is a very important holiday. And also, we found the turkey we made at Build-A-Bear many Thanksgivings ago...and that seems relevant, but I'm not sure how to tie it in exactly.

Today I'm thankful for another peaceful Thanksgiving, having a slightly more organized apartment, finding Terrence Benjamin Franklin, getting to eat yummy food, and also getting to bring out the giant snake plush that Page loves so much.
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