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Alethea & Athena
That Wolf-Boy Is Mine! volume 2 (and some Moana) 
23rd-Nov-2016 04:22 pm
Oh man, you guys, we just saw Moana, and we are so tired. We did take into account the fact that we might not like it, but we forgot to factor in that watching movies we don't like makes us very tired. We haven't been liking most of Disney's movies lately, which is why we haven't been going to see them, but this was by two of our favorite directors, so we wanted to check it out anyway. But I guess the influence of whatever it is that's making the movies not to our liking is too strong, because we really didn't care much for this one. Not that it's necessarily bad, but we did not find it interesting, so it felt really long. I think the problem is that these days the stories seem to center around just two characters, which doesn't make for a lot of fun character interaction. And I hated the chicken, so he didn't really work well for comic relief. I kind of wished they would all just let him die.

There was just one thing that I took issue with, which I think is a staple in Disney movies these days as they try to subvert the "toxic" Disney princess trope, and that was a brief exchange in which Moana insists that she is not a princess. I don't really get why she would feel an aversion to being a princess, because on her island, she's been the only princess for as long as she can remember, so why would she not want to be associated with princesses? She doesn't have any guilt by princess association. and nobody is traveling in her world, so it's not like some traveler came along and told them all about the annoying princesses. What I'm saying is, even taking out how offended I am at the idea that a Disney princess is somehow a bad thing, it doesn't even make sense in the context of the movie. Maui's definition of a princess might possibly make sense, because he's a demigod and has been around for a long time and has the ability to travel...except that the only way to get that definition is to watch princess movies, and my guess would be that if he'd met other princesses, they would have been, like, real princesses that don't have animal sidekicks.

But that's enough of the Moana review, because even though this is Review Rednesday, that specific title refers to reviewing manga! So let's review some manga! We had a vote last week, which came up with a grand total of one vote, so the winner by a landslide is That Wolf-Boy Is Mine volume two! Let's hope the voter has already read the book! Spoiler level: mild.

I have to admit, I've been having a hard time getting into the right mindset for writing reviews lately. I think the busyness is getting to me. I finish something and all thoughts of it flee from my mind in favor of the next thing. And I'm only even mentioning it because I really like this series and I want to write a good review for it, but I'm not sure I'm capable at the moment. But I will try!

It continues to be your typical cute shojo romance, with Rin of course completing the love triangle. For some reason, I actually kind of want Komugi to end up with him, and Athena suggests that maybe it's because he, as opposed to Yu, is actually, y'know, in the series. We don't really see enough of Yu (at least not in this volume) to care about him much. I mean, yeah, yeah, tragic past and everything, but if you're going to not be around to pity, I don't have the brain capacity to remember that I pity you right now. Athena and I both wonder why his conclusion about his life is that he's supposed to be the end of the species, and not that he's supposed to repopulate the species, but if he's the last wolf in Japan, I can see where that's not really a viable option. He could marry a wolf from somewhere else, because I don't think it's a matter of a specific breed. On the other hand, if he's determined to end the species, all he has to do is water down the bloodline and make sure he and his descendants all marry humans. But maybe he knows about atavism.

So I have a theory, based on the whole "hypnosis not working" thing, that maybe Komugi's mother is a wolf or something, which would be great as far as helping Yu give up his angst, but not so great as far as messages: here's a human girl who isn't as bad as all those other humans...only just kidding, she's not a human after all. That might be a little depressing. On the other hand, this is a light shojo manga, so it's not like it's really trying to make any political statements. But anyway, we'll just see how it goes. Another likely scenario is that Komugi's mother is some kind of priestess. At any rate, it's also possible that Yu's mother didn't really mean to abandon him, but she died in whatever it was that also killed Komugi's grandparents. But that probably would have had to have been longer ago, except that we don't know the real age of these kids. Speaking of which, Senri really did used to be a house cat!? Dang, now I feel bad about the note we wrote for volume one. There may still be time to change it...

Okay, we just emailed our editor. We had a stupid sentence that said Senri was probably just born a supernatural cat based on his age. The stuff about Yata proves that you can't judge a supernatural forest creature by the apparent age of his human form. And suddenly I find myself wondering: how long has Yata been working at his job, I wonder? I mean, if it's been too long, surely somebody would have noticed that he doesn't age that much. That guy is suspicious. For a while, I was convinced that it was really him talking to Komugi at the end of this volume, just disguised as Yu, to stir things up for whatever reason. But thinking about it, Yu was seeming jealous of Rin throughout the volume, so that scene might really be him. He obviously has some emotional issues he needs to work through.

But really I want to talk about Rin, because he's my favorite, probably because, as previously stated, he's in it the most. I have to wonder, though, if he hates humans so much, why does he have to fall in love with one? Well, because it's shojo manga drama, of course, but I just wonder if there might be any nice vixens around or something. The other characters have connected his obsession with Komugi to his obsession with Yu, so maybe it makes more sense after all. But more importantly, when Senri tells Yu that he saw Aoshi sneaking around, we thought of having him say Aoshi was "skulking" around, and that's how we found out (when doing a usage check) that a "skulk" is a group of foxes. So if anybody's going to be skulking around, it's going to be Rin. Ultimately, we decided not to use skulk for a different reason--skulking isn't obviously sneaky in my mind (even though that's what it is), and we wanted the readers to know right away that Aoshi was being sneaky.

And what I'm learning now is, much as I love Rin, I don't have a whole lot to say about him. It feels like not a lot happened in this volume, which is sort of true but mostly not true. Aoshi was being more of Aoshi. His character description says he likes to mess with people, but that didn't really come across until this volume. Tanuki indeed. The whole chapter where they went to Rin's house was pretty nice. It's so cute to see Rin being all jealous. This is where I realize that, while I have very little patience for tsundere girls, I do enjoy reading about tsundere boys, especially because Rin isn't quite as abusive as other tsundere fox boys I can think of.

I would like to see more of Senri, though. Cats are the best.

And there you have it. But before we sign off, here's a plug for this week's manga release of ours: In/Spectre volume 1! Check it out!

And tune in next week, for Missions of Love 13!

ETA: I realized that I forgot to do my gratitude list, and the day before Thanksgiving, too. Today I'm thankful for getting to go have fun in Downtown Disney, catching a Muuma before the movie (we don't know its English name; it's a ghost Pokemon with a necklace...?), finishing our Fire Force second draft, getting to have some Jamba Juice, and not having to walk all the way back to the pin shop.
23rd-Nov-2016 09:36 pm (UTC)
It's too bad that you didn't like Moana, I thought it would be open on Black Friday. I'll go and see it in December to avoid the crowd :)
"That Wolf-Boy Is Mine volume two"
This review is so on time, I just finished reading it on Monday. I feel bad for Rin. Aoshi kept stirring troubles :)
"So if anybody's going to be skulking around, it's going to be Rin."
But Rin is too straight forward for that :P
Oh, I need to catch up with Missions of Love. I stopped reading around volume 9 and 10 and started to pile them up for binge-reading.
23rd-Nov-2016 11:23 pm (UTC)
It wasn't all bad. The visuals were stunning. XD

We're glad you're enjoying Wolf-Boy! That Aoshi is mischievous. And you're right, Rin wouldn't skulk around.

We hope you enjoy Missions!
24th-Nov-2016 12:06 am (UTC)
*raises hand* I did my homework! I read this last night!! :D

Man, good point about Yu not being in it very much. He was so cute in volume 1 and I missed that in this volume. But maybe the lack of Yu contributed to Komugi's feeling down and the general atmosphere of this stage of shoujo drama, so that we could all relate and feel down with her.

I don't love Rin quite as much as you do (though he's a good chap and all). Was that a dig at Tomoe?!??? But I love Tomoe!!! Maybe not for his tsun-qualities, but for his snob-qualities♥ (sorry if I'm imagining or misapplying the insult here.) See also my affection for Senri even though he's hardly in it even more than Yu. But aloof cat♥ (I won't commit to always favouring snobs, but with the right combination of other traits I find them amusing...)

Hmmm, I think I was kind of disappointed by the hint that there might be an ancestral reason for the hypnosis not working on Komugi. I guess I just wanted it to be a chance quirk and not some destined thing or because-she's-special. But I'll withhold judgement until we know more. I still think she's a lovely young lady on her own merits, and I like reading about her very much.

Aoshi was really fun in this volume :) A number of times it struck me that he sure was a tanuki...

My other observation of this volume was that I wondered if the artist didn't care very much about clothes. Like their gym outfits are just such formless blobs and they spent kind of a lot of time wearing those. I guess because it was the sports fest. And maybe she's just being faithful to reality in a rural school district like theirs, which I do prefer over romanticized, ridiculous school-uniform-esque costumes. I should give the first volume another look before I get too set in this opinion, but I do like to see some fashion in my shoujo manga...

In/Spectre 1!!! It's a good one!

Happy Thanksgiving :)
24th-Nov-2016 04:55 pm (UTC)
Yay, you read it!

You're probably right about Yu being absent to contribute to Komugi's feelings. It may also be...okay, so about ten years ago, we were watching voice actor commentaries on Gundam Seed, and the voice actress was explaining to the voice actor that his character (Athrun) was more popular than the main character because Athrun wasn't in it as much. Absence makes the heart grow fonder or something along those lines.

...Yes, it was a dig a Tomoe. He's just not nice, even when he's nice. Although to be fair, we haven't seen Kamisama Kiss in a while, so maybe we have inflated memories of his jerkiness. Senri doesn't come across as snobby to me, just aloof and apathetic, without that air of superiority necessarily.

Yeah, when I came up with the ancestral theory, I thought it was cool, but I'm now in a phase where I'm done with "chosen one" stories and want ones that show that anyone can do awesome things, regardless of their pedigree or whatever.

Trickster type characters sure can be fun.

That's...an observation that escaped us. I guess we're not too clothing-oriented, either (but I think you already knew that). I do think she pays some attention to clothes, but that opinion comes from something I might consider a spoiler, so I won't go into it.

Yay In/Spectre!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!
24th-Nov-2016 05:47 am (UTC)
I haven't had a chance to read this yet, but I left a comment on your post about "The Prince in His Dark Days," which I was finally able to get from the library yesterday.
24th-Nov-2016 04:56 pm (UTC)
Oh, thanks for letting us know! We'll go reply to your comment now!
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