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Our plans for the weekend have been arranged and rearranged so many times already! See, our schedule through December is actually fairly light, and since Moana comes out next week, and then it's Thanksgiving, we thought it would be nice to either take the week off, or at least not work quite so much, like only work half-days or something. We'll probably do the latter, if that, but the idea is to take it easy. And then it was pointed out that Mickey Mouse's birthday is this week, and we realized that we did kind of want to go to Disneyland before the Thanksgiving rush.

At first we just thought we'd see how work was going, but then they decided they actually wanted to do something about Mickey's birthday, and we would like to be there for that. Of course, all it is is a little happy birthday sing-along before the parade, but that gives us an excuse to watch the Christmas parade, which we actually don't get to do that much. So at first, the plan was to go when the park opened, hang out until we got tired or it got too crowded, try the Mickey Mouse birthday sundae, and go home. But then we found out about the parade thing, and we were like, "Okay, I guess we can stay for the parade. That's usually at about three, right?" So that's what we were planning until I decided to look up the schedule and discovered that the parade isn't until 7:45!

...And those details might be a little boring, so I'll try to not be so boring for the rest of this. The point is, we don't want to be out all day, because we also really do need to take it easy for a little while. And on top of that, our other big plans were starting to get in the way.

See, nobody knows how it happened, but we were under the impression that Pokemon Sun & Moon comes out on Monday. We haven't been current on Pokemon since Gold & Silver back in '98 (or was it '99?), but we visited the Pokemon Center in January, and then the Pokemon Go craze came along, and that's had us thinking, "Hey! Pokemon was our thing! ...Almost twenty years ago." (Athena: "Shut up! My Jolteon will beat your butt, you whippersnapper!") That, plus one of the starter Pokemon being an owl, has us interested in picking it up again. And so we had plans to either take Monday off, or work a half day on Monday and spend the afternoon playing a brand new Pokemon game (Pokemon Moon, to be exact).

Those of you who are up on Pokemon news already know the flaw in this plan. The game actually launches tomorrow! That's right, the very day we were trying to decide how much time we wanted to spend at Disneyland. So, what with the new game launch and the parade not being until 7:45 and Fire Force once again proving to be a surprisingly difficult series, we're not sure what we want to do anymore.

The one thing we do know is that the game actually launches at midnight Eastern Standard Time, so we'll be playing that tonight. Probably. If the pre-download finishes.

Today I'm thankful for at least knowing exactly when things are happening (as far as plans are concerned), having enough room in our schedule that we don't have to keep working today despite our less than ideal progress, finding out that there are creperies in the area, knowing people who are interested in going to these creperies with us, and getting a new Pokemon game.
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