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My Monster Secret volume 4

Okay, so we're done with trying to be thoughtful for a little while and back to our week of manga reviews, it being Manga Review Monday and all. As promised, today we feature My Monster Secret volume 4! Spoiler level: mild.

I don't even know what happened in this volume. I know I've said that about a lot of books, but I think it's truest with this one so far. It just all went by in such a blur, and the script format does not help, let me tell you. I don't know what it is, but for some reason, it's just so non-intuitive that I can't possibly type at a decent pace. I'm always trying to figure out what panel and what number, and maybe it's just that it takes a different part of the brain than translation does or something, because trying to keep track of that with all the translating going on makes for a very slow process. I want to kill it. But I will admit that fatigue and being super rushed probably had a little to do with the fact that I couldn't even properly understand the Japanese this time around. Athena would read a line, and I would type something, and she would give her version of the translation and it would be so different! And then she'd read the line again and I'd be like, "Oh. Yeah, you're totally right, how did I miss that?" I still want to blame the format, but I was very tired and rushed. And in pain, too, come to think of it (we translated this in the midst of dental work).

So why the rush, you ask? We actually turned this translation in a full four days after its due date. We didn't even start it until the end of the day before it was due, and then we went to Disneyland the next day because dangit, it was our birthday! Okay, it was two days before our birthday, but that's the day our escapist friend came to go to Disneyland. But normally that wouldn't be a problem, because our schedule was pretty light in April, so of course we should have finished it with days to spare, right? Right, but there were complications. Somehow we missed the memo where this publisher was going all digital, so we didn't realize we had to download a digital file instead of waiting for physical books to arrive in the mail. We asked about it, but somehow we missed the answer to that, too, so a few days later we ordered the books online...and they didn't ship for another two weeks. A day or two before they arrived (the day before the deadline), we finally realized that we had been given access to digital files...but somehow the volume four file was not working, and by then it seemed pointless to try to report it...and maybe I was a little embarrassed to bring attention to the matter after so long.

Anyway, that's the long version. The short version is that for various reasons we were past deadline and so we spent long hours trying to make up for lost time. That plus the loathsome script format led to me not really being able to process anything that happened.

I was able to follow it in a vague sort of way. Like when Youko knew that it was Akane disguising herself as Asahi and threw her a candy. Somewhere in my mind I had this hazy idea that that was a really funny gag, and yet I had a difficult time enjoying it (I'm trying really hard not to add "because I had to keep track of panel numbers for this abominable format", but as you can see I didn't succeed; okay, now I will refrain from any more complaints about the hated format).

Let's see, what did happen in this volume? Mostly the camping trip. Oh, and the festival. But mostly the camping trip, featuring Youko's parents. Youko's father showed up in volume two, and we didn't really deal much with his dialect then, either. The rush had us thinking a lot about English adaptation writing, and how technically none of this was our problem. Not that we didn't try to make it sound good, but I can think of at least one line that had me going, "Hrrngh, it sounds kinda weird...but I don't care enough to worry about it anymore, since it's likely to be changed anyway. Let's just move on."

Aaaanyway, the relationships continue to be cute. Oh yes, Youko's mother. Her reaction to the whole "overnight in Youko's room" thing was funny, but the idea that they think a boy should take advantage of a girl in a weakened state is somewhat problematic. I mean, in a society where most everybody is going to agree that it's Youko's mother and Akane who are overreacting, it's fine as a joke. And I like to think that they were just hoping for a kiss. At any rate, Asahi and Youko continue to be an adorable couple.

Then there's Rin, who continues to be a mystery even after disclosing her secret. I mean, sure we know she's (claiming to be) Asahi's granddaughter, but I'm with Nagisa--what is she doing there? She did say something about a distortion in history, though, so I guess it has something to do with that. That was another chapter that vaguely struck me as being pretty funny probably if I had enough mental energy to focus on it. Just the way the Rin continued to cling to Asahi seems like it was probably hilarious. And I appreciated that Youko and Nagisa both realized that Asahi wouldn't lie to them about that, and even if he did, they would know. I believe Asahi's "friends" were just pretending to doubt him because they thought it was funny, or because they were jealous and wanted to mess with him.

I think that's about all I can say about this volume. There were jokes. I think they were probably funny. I don't know if they turned out funny in our version, but our version will be changed anyway, so it's not entirely our fault if they're not. If anybody else has anything insightful or a joke they want to comment on, please do!

That was a very tired review. Next up, Reviewsday featuring Nekogahara 1.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our Say I Love You edit, finishing the edit with time to spare, the Reese's Pieces cookies still tasting good despite all baking together into one big mass (I guess that's what happens when you keep the dough in the fridge instead of the freezer? and they...may have been past expiration date), having juice, and remembering to turn in that translation we finished a week ago.
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