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Today has somehow been very tiring. I'm not sure quite why that is. It was actually a very good day, just strangely tiring. We started out by getting caught up on our massive anime backlog. We seriously have like 37 episodes of stuff saved up, and that's after watching stuff today. MAR is actually pretty interesting once they stop fighting and start getting on with the story.

While we were making our way through the episodes of Sugar Sugar Rune that we had (that series is sometimes difficult to sit through during filler episodes), Mom called and asked us what time we were going to see The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. This was a bit surprising, since we didn't know that we were going to see it, although there had been rumors to that effect. But we especially didn't know that we were going to see it today. I also don't know why it was our job to figure out what time we'd be seeing it, but it wasn't hard, so I'm not complaining. Just a bit confused.

So Celeste and Sarah picked us up and we went to see it. It was a really good movie. My main problems were that Edmund wasn't spiteful enough, and that the professor reacted a little too outwardly to what was going on.

I really think that Edmund has to be as horrible as possible because of the whole Christian allegory thing. The Atonement works for anyone who truly repents, no matter how bad they were. If Edmund's not that bad, the message doesn't quite get across, I think. Besides, I think the scene in the book where Edmund's walking to the White Witch's castle and telling himself everything he's going to do when he's king is cute. Also, Athena points out, since Peter was so terrible to Edmund, if Edmund isn't an evil little brat, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense that the White Witch would have a right to kill him, especially since he didn't say where Aslan was until he was trying to help the fox. That's not as treacherous, since he's just trying to prevent murder.

As for the professor, in my imagination, and maybe this is because Dad read the books to us when we were little and would have possibly been thinking of Grandpa, the professor seems like the type to take everything calmly. He seemed to get so excited to hear that they got to Narnia through the wardrobe, but I think he would have always known it was a possibility, even though he knew he couldn't get through it himself. Like Dumbledore (in the books.)

Other than that, it was a good movie. There was a lot of stuff that was different, but I could see why they made it that way (mostly to make it more action-packed, it seemed). I do wish they hadn't tried to give Peter so much angst, but he was adorable anyway, as was Mr. Tumnus.

After the movie Celeste and Sarah dropped us off and went off for Chinese food. We don't like Chinese food that much, so we didn't mind that so much, but it was lonely coming back to our apartment. We've been hoping we could try our sundae kit with them, since we have ice cream now, and it comes with four bowl thingies. But it looks like that will have to wait until Celeste gets back from LA. Er, an ice cream party will have to wait. We're probably going to break it out tonight and enjoy sundaes by ourselves.

Tonight I'm thankful for neopolitan ice cream, things gradually getting less crazy, IceBreakers Sours, cheese, and french fries.
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