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Say I Love you volume 16

I remembered what it is I was going to mention yesterday! Dad texted to let us know his surgery went well, and he should be back from the hospital today. You'd think I would have remembered something that important, but I guess it's an out-of-sight-out-of-mind kind of thing.

Anyway, today we bring you Freview Friday! Featuring Say I Love You volume 16. Spoiler level: moderate?

This volume made me feel bad, because the whole time we did the first draft, we were all, "Ugh, I don't care. Why isn't this series over yet?" We were making jokes about how Mei and Yamato would have grandchildren and either they would still have people trying to steal them away from each other, or we would be following the stories of their grandchildren as people fight for their love. What I'm saying is, this isn't our favorite series, so we weren't looking forward to working on it, but we told ourselves come on, you're being overly pessimistic, it's not that bad, and then the same stuff was happening all over again and the bad attitudes intensified. Ha, ha, ha...

And then at the end, Hazuki-sensei said it's building toward a climax and she hopes she can write an ending that will make everyone glad they read it, and I was like, "Awww, now I feel bad for having such a bad attitude!" ...And then we edited the volume and were reminded of all the things.

First, there's Natsuki. At least Mei pointed out that this same exact thing happened with Megumi, so the repetitiveness is acknowledged. But there is seriously something wrong with this girl. She keeps talking about how she was free and how she only needs money for cigarettes, and we're like, "Um, food? Rent?" We guess she still lives with her parents? Even if so, she has her own money for cigarettes, so where the heck is that coming from? Does she have a job? She never mentioned a job. Is she from a rich family and they just give her an allowance? It doesn't make sense. And so she goes off and quits high school, and her reason for getting her GED is basically that she's bored because her friends are busy? I feel like she's the embodiment of...I don't know, something really bad. Entitled teenagers? She's not a teenager. Entitled people in general? "Millennials"? By which I mean the stereotypical millennial; no worries, we hate people of all generations equally.

Aaaanyway, then there's the iguana thing. This girl doesn't have friends because she has a pet iguana? Are you kidding me? Okay, so they don't want to go to her house, that doesn't mean they can't hang out. Unless all Hano wants to do is talk about iguanas, in which case the iguana itself is not really the problem. And seriously? She hasn't met a single person her age that is not afraid of reptiles? Maybe it's just a cultural thing, because here in America, even a lot of girls think it's cool to be into things like reptiles, sometimes even because people are afraid of them. But still, if she's so obsessed with reptiles, why go into childcare and not herpetology or some other field where she can be surrounded by reptiles? She's guaranteed to find people her age and older who aren't weirded out by her unusual hobby if she does that. For goodness sake, the logic of the people in this series.

Speaking of which! Oh my gosh, we tweaked it in the English version, but in the Japanese version, Angelo was explaining to Megumi why they ran out of milk. Okay, so the author wants Angelo to suggest they go out to buy more milk, fine. But usually all that requires is a, "Hey, we're out of milk." The other party can usually figure out how that happened. On the other hand, it's possible that the point was not to have Angelo invite Megumi to the grocery store, but to point out that Megumi is drinking a lot of milk, since she wants to get taller and stuff. But it seemed like the main point was to show that Megumi was distracted while he was trying to talk to her. In that case, it really doesn't matter what he's talking about, so he can say whatever he wants, but it was a little frustrating. It feels like bad writing to us, but it might just be an artistic preference.

There was another bit of excessive explaining when Yamato found Natsuki on the roof. That one we can chalk up to Japanese working differently than English, but man, it was tough, because basically Yamato was like, "I thought I would find you here, so I thought you would be here, and you were." (Slight oversimplification.)

But speaking of that scene on the roof! I know, I know, we're prudes, but they're talking about underage drinking and smoking like it's just something people do and is not to be questioned, and I know that's how things are in real life, but that doesn't make it any less infuriating. The morning before we started translating this volume, we read another article about Disney princesses and their effect on society, and it was a study by someone we'd read about before who clearly is out to prove why Disney princesses should be kept away from impressionable children (so far, she's being proven wrong), so we were in a mindset of, "Why do people keep thinking Disney is bad!? I mean, it is now, but it wasn't before!" And wondering why people like these things and not those things, and I was toying with this idea that people don't like Disney princesses because they actually hold people up to a higher standard. The more recent Disney princesses don't do that, so now they are acceptable to society. This is my very cynical view. But then I read this scene in Say I Love You, which also strikes me as being unreasonably popular (just my personal opinion), and I can't help but wonder.

Oh, but there's also Asami and Nakanishi. I say good riddance to that jerk. He only liked her for her body anyway. I hope she gets with the piano player. (Speaking of which, this volume was referencing Your Lie in April all over the place, what with the canele and the piano. Did you know the actress who voiced Asami also voiced Kaori?) And I hope he treats her much better than that stupid jerk. I do wish, though, that...okay, so Asami was devastated to find out that another girl told Nakanishi that she likes him. We don't know what he said back to her! He could have said, "Sorry, I have a girlfriend." Haven't like a million girls confessed their love to Yamato since he started dating Mei? Or did they never actually come out and say it? Kai definitely did tell Mei he loves her, and Ren did, too. So a love confession, in and of itself, is nothing to worry about. On the other hand, we've seen his behavior, so we definitely know there's cause for concern. But once again, I say good riddance.

I feel like I've complained enough already...but there's still the matter of Mei's classmates coming to her and saying, "Hey, you have experience! Teach us all about these classes we're supposed to be taking!" As if there's no such thing as teachers at their vocational school.

On the bright side, Megumi has definitely shown some growth and maturity. Contrasting her treatment of Rin with her treatment of any other girl that once stood in her way, she's definitely a much nicer person now.

Eh, heh, heh. So...that review wasn't very nice, either... Clearly we've been getting tired, and/or losing patience. Actually, we worked on volume seventeen today, and we had a much more favorable opinion of it.

And I realized yesterday that I forgot to give the preview for the next review, so I'm not going to let that happen this time! The next review will be for Manga Review Monday (this coming Monday), and it will be My Monster Secret 4. So be ready! (Or not. It's coming anyway.)

Today I'm thankful for patriotic flavors at Joe's Italian Ice, finishing our first draft of Say I Love You 17 today, having wall hanger thingies so we can finally hang up our Noragami wall scroll, Target having a clearance on some nice long-sleeved shirts, and Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi celebrating Mickey's birthday (one week from today!).
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