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Alethea & Athena
Election day 
8th-Nov-2016 05:36 pm
I feel so productive today! Not only did we finish the edit we were working on, but we did our civic duty and voted! ...Okay, so we actually voted last night via mail-in ballot, but when we'd check Facebook today and people kept saying, "Everybody remember to vote!", it felt productive to be able to say, "Done and done!"

Of course, since we put it in the mail last night, there's a good chance the winners will already be decided before our votes even get counted, but we actually find that comforting, because we didn't do our civic duty far enough to thoroughly research all the candidates and propositions. I mean, we already had an idea who we wanted to vote for for president, since that's, like, all everybody's been talking about for the last three years, but senators and representatives and assemblymen and etc. were all a bunch of unfamiliar names. We did a quick Google on each of them, and if that didn't sway us toward one candidate or another, we opted not to muck it up with an uninformed vote and left that one blank. Every time an election comes up, we tell ourselves we really out to get out there and do the research, and yet we never do... I'm actually pretty sure people like us are why this country has an electoral college...and I'm not sure that's a good thing. So here's me reminding myself again to maybe try to be more informed next time.

And...I think that's about it for news today. Today I'm thankful for suffrage, finishing the translation we were working on, having time to fill out our ballots last night, having a delicious cake from Bread Day, and getting to watch more Elementary tonight.
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