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The prodigal(?) returns

Our weekend turned out to be pretty darn busy. We had a teacher's training broadcast to watch Saturday afternoon, and after that, we went to a baptism. The youngest daughter of the family that used to drive us to church turned eight, and not only were we asked to help with the music for her baptism, but we were invited to the birthday party afterwards! It was pretty nice, with lots of friendly people. Sunday, we had church and a dinner thingie.

But the most exciting thing is something that didn't happen anywhere near us. See, approximately five years ago, Mom and Steve got a new kitten, who got us in trouble with our sister, because Logan had just been born and we were still weirded out by the concept of having a nephew and the concept of our baby sister having a kid, and we're really just not baby people (by which I mean we're not the type of people to fawn all over babies), so we were visiting Mom's house, and there was the baby in his carrier, which was on the floor for some reason. Athena said, "That's who I'm here to see!", bent down, and picked up...the kitten that was sitting right next to the carrier. Apparently we were the only ones who found that amusing.

But anyway, the kitten disappeared soon after that encounter, never to be seen again. Knowing that she was in fact one of the cutest kittens in the world, I always had a suspicion that someone kidnapped her, or, to take the more charitable theory, found her and fell in love with her, assumed she was homeless, and took her in without bothering to check if she was microchipped.

As a matter of fact, she was microchipped, which is exactly how the SPCA found Mom and Steve five years later, when the woman who found her decided to move on with her life and leave the cat behind. I would give you more details about the real story of what happened to Rogue, but I think my theory is already more detailed than what we got. All we know is that this woman never took her to the vet or anything, or they would have checked her chip and discovered the cat already belonged to someone. When she decided to give the cat up, the SPCA checked and found the chip registered to Mom.

Unfortunately, the story is still open-ended. After Rogue disappeared, someone in the neighborhood found a litter of kittens and, since there was an opening in Mom's household, they took one in. But that means there are no longer any openings in that home. The last we heard, Mom and Steve had asked Celeste if she wanted to adopt the kitty, but we don't know what was decided.

Today I'm thankful for finishing not one but two of the first drafts we worked on today, finally learning what happened to Rogue, having time to go to the store, not having to work overtime, and having a lovely time at the baptism on Saturday.
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