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Trains and colors

We're still trying to figure out how to take a day off to go to Disneyland and not also have to take a half day off to recover. I'm thinking the answer has to do with regular exercise, which is definitely a great idea...if we can figure out how to work it into our schedule.

Anyway, we're back from Disneyland, which by now is not really interesting to report on anymore. I did want to comment on how ridiculous it was trying to get through the security check, though. We had the bad timing of arriving during the morning rush, so the whole area outside the security tents was packed with people trying to figure out whether or not they were in a line, and then when they figured out they weren't, they had to figure out how to merge into one, and it was chaotic and took forever and we really think they should have come up with a way to prevent that by now, but this has been going on for like a year at least.

There was one new thing we did, which was to go to the train station in New Orleans Square. The trains have been out of service because the track goes right through the area where they're doing construction for Star Wars Land (man, I hope they choose a more epic-sounding name for that place...but based on their current track record, it seems unlikely), so instead they have a train parked at Main Street Station and a train parked at New Orleans Square Station for guests to go look at. They also have activity stations set up, with coloring and a toy train set and puzzles. We sat down and worked on a puzzle for a while, and when we got tired of it, we got up to leave, but discovered that they had set up a bridge over the tracks so guests could go to the "wrong side of the tracks" to look around. They also had a train engineer there as kind of a curator to answer questions, and he warned us that we were on the wrong side of the tracks and do we know what that means, and I was like, "We've seen Lady and the Tramp!"

Anyway, the engineer was standing by what looked kind of like the anatomical model of a train engine--the engine without the outside. He told us that this was the engine they use to explain to new hires how everything works. He even gave us a short version of the explanation! Or maybe it was the regular-length one, but it was short anyway. It was pretty interesting, but it helped me remember why I'm a translator and not in any engineering field--it took a lot of brain power for me to hold all that information in my brain long enough to process it.

The gutted engine also had a working whistle, so everybody was invited to try it out! It was fun and a little ear-splitting.

So that was nice. We also watched World of Color, which was back to the almost original version of the show. Gaston was careful to make sure we were actually interested in watching it, since I guess he knows how much we don't really like World of Color by now. But it was the first time we had a chance to see it since we realized that, ultimately, the problem with the nighttime spectaculars these days (aside from the apparent lack of understanding of what a climax is) is that they don't match the visuals and the music. So now, armed with that realization, I wanted to study the show to see if that's what the problem was with this one.

The result of our study is that the Whole New World sequence had some cool visuals that moved with the music, and the most impressive part of the show--the Pirates of the Caribbean segment--was definitely matching color changes, fountain blasts, etc. with the music (and I'm pretty sure we weren't the only ones who found this part to be the most impressive, because it got the biggest reaction from the audience), and other than that there was a lot of pretty lights and colors that kind of seemed to be doing their own thing with some nice music in the background. The swaying fountains didn't even seem to be swaying in time with the music. Maybe it's harder than it seems, though--as mentioned above, I am not an engineer. But they managed to do it with Fantasmic!, so...

Anyway, they're doing a new holiday World of Color this year, so maybe they'll match the music and visuals this time.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see the cool train display (we still have to check out the one on Main Street), being far enough ahead of schedule that it should be okay to stop working for today, some delicious new-to-us flavors at Joe's Italian Ice, having a pizza to look forward to for dinner, and the original Fantasia.
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