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It kind of figures that the one year we forget to buy candy is the one year we actually get trick-or-treaters. Athena says she didn't really forget; she just didn't bother to say anything about buying candy when we were at the store, because we already have about a million pounds of candy (that would be five thousand tons) already. So that's what we gave out to the trick-or-treaters: some of the candy we got at Mickey's Halloween Party.

Other than that, life continues to be very much the same from a reporting standpoint. We worked today, we got a phone call from Gaston, we'll probably be going to Disneyland in a couple of days, the usual. The difference is that this time I don't feel like we have to suddenly put in extra time working in order to meet our deadlines. In fact, I think we're pretty far ahead of schedule for once. But that might just be an illusion caused by the fact that, even though we have two books due on the same day (in two and a half weeks), one of them only sort of exists. It's one of those time-travel translations we were talking about the other day.

But we did get shiny new manga yesterday! In fact, I think that's why we started getting trick-or-treaters, because the first group showed up as I was signing for the package, and it tipped them off to the fact that we were home. But anyway, shiny new manga! And some of it was literally shiny, with holographic covers and everything! And we've been putting all our new to-be-translated manga in a box, and now that box is almost overflowing! It would be overflowing if books were more fluid. As it is, they're just stacked on top of the books that do fit inside, so it doesn't seem like they're overflowing. Now, if the stacks got taller and weren't even so they looked precarious, then I'd call it overflowing. And we'd be in big trouble, because the box o' manga is right next to the cat fountain. I don't think there's much danger now, but we'll have to be careful if we get another shipment. ...But I think we're set on future assignments for a while.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see some cute little kids in costume, having candy to give them, having a box full of shiny manga to look forward to, getting to watch Ichabod & Mr. Toad, and Page remembering that she likes to lean on the loom.
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