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Happy Halloween!

Wow, we're actually not ridiculously busy this year. That almost makes me worry about letting our guard down.

Anyway, I guess it's actually Halloween. We started our celebration by translating My Monster Secret. See, it's fitting, because it's technically about monsters. But the best part of it is that we finished our work quota early, which gives us extra time to do...whatever we want! We're planning to watch The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, because the whole "ride of the Headless Horseman" thing at Disneyland is reminding us that we really like it.

We also finally opened up the chocolates we bought at Tokyo Disneyland. They came in a special Danny's Halloween tin, which is really the reason we bought the chocolates--the picture of Danny carrying a little trick-or-treat bucket is the cutest thing ever, and we had to get something with that picture on it. And then the chocolates stayed packed away until sometime last week when we were like, "You know, we really should eat those." So we pulled them out last night, and discovered! that they had melted. It was a bummer, because we could tell they used to be some kind of particular shape. Athena was looking at the tin just now, and the label on the bottom with the nutrition facts and everything even has a warning about how if you leave the tin in your luggage, the chocolate could melt. Well that's what we get for not reading it.

But! not all of the chocolates had melted! (They're all individually wrapped, so you don't know until you open it. Unless you feel it, but it's very meltable, so we wouldn't recommend that.) The second round of chocolates that we opened was almost completely intact, so we got to see the star shape that they came in. Whew, what a relief. (They probably had a plastic version on display in the store where we bought them, too, so we could see what we were buying, but that was two months ago.)

And the saddest part of that story is that that's the most interesting thing I have to talk about right now. On the other hand, sometimes uninteresting means peaceful, so we should probably count that as a good thing.

Oh wait, there was one other thing. We sat down to eat a snack today, and Page came along and indicated that she wanted to go outside. So we got everything ready for her (we like to close the doors to the bedrooms and I had to open the gate), and I thought maybe the neighborhood cats were busy exploring or relaxing elsewhere and maybe Page could go outside in peace. But as soon as I said, "Okay, Page, it's all ready for you," up walks Bamboo. We were both hungry, so we ignored her and sat back down to eat our snack, and she assumed a position in our dining area and waited patiently for us to finish. It was kind of cute. This story is a little sad, too, though, because Page never did actually go outside.

Today I'm thankful for an adorable Danny tin, not all the chocolate being melted, the chocolate tasting the same (yummy) melted or not, finishing work early again today, and being loved by kitties.
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