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Primary Program

Today has already been a long day. We had the Primary Program in sacrament meeting, which meant all the kids from the Primary got up and said a few things into the microphone, and sang a bunch of songs. It's kind of the culmination of what Athena does as the Primary chorister--she teaches the kids songs about the gospel. So it was a little nerve-wracking, especially because we each had to give a short talk ourselves. Overall we think it went pretty well, and people from the congregation came up and told the Primary presidency that they liked it, so that's all good.

After sacrament meeting, it was business as usual, with me teaching the Sunbeams and Athena teaching the CTRs. That made me grumpy because it really hit home how manipulative kids can be when they don't want to be doing something, and I fell for most of the kid's tricks, so I was angry at him and myself. By third hour, I just wanted to smack...everything, really. The presidency had brought the makings of ice cream sundaes, though, which just barely helped me maintain my sanity. This was the treat that the kids got for doing the program, and despite my rage, I will admit they deserved it.

There was also an animated video of the Miracles of Jesus Christ, with an introduction by Charlton Heston. We always get so amused at these portrayals of scripture stories. The stuff with John the Baptist was especially funny, because they made it look like there was this line of people waiting to get baptized, and he just dunked them in the river one after another, while he was preaching a sermon. Which of course means he was preaching the sermon while standing waist-deep in the water. The kids had to ask us why we were laughing, and we told them it was because we were being overly critical and this is one time when they should not follow our example. (The other time it got really bad was when Mary came to tell Jesus something, and at the end of the conversation, they hugged, and Mary had this look on her face like, "Mwa ha ha, it's all going according to my evil plan." I'm sorry, animators. It just looked that way.)

Then we came home and were looking at Facebook, and suddenly there was an overpowering smell in the room, which we're guessing was marijuana coming from outside our window. And that just made us more grumpy, because we're like look, we don't think you should have to go to jail for making this bad decision, but could you please leave us out of it? Athena did ask, "Should we call the police?", and we think the smokers heard it and decided to make themselves scarce, but we had to evacuate to the living room until the smoke cleared, as it were. On the bright side, it gave us some time to process and stuff. (And in case anyone is wondering, no, we did not call the police.)

And now I think we're feeling a little better, but we are still faced with having to counter the young children's manipulation tactics. For now, I think I need to just set the whole thing aside, but I'm definitely going to have to do some thinking and/or research during the week.

Today I'm thankful for the Primary Program going reasonably well, getting to put lots of chocolate syrup on my sundae (oh how I needed it), getting to sit with Page on my lap while we waited for the office to clear out, having a nice relaxing evening ahead of us, and having lots of chocolate.
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