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Saturdays continue to be tough, because it's the weekend and we want to take a break, but we also have a bunch of stuff we have to do because we neglected it during the week while we were doing our job. We're really looking forward to taking a day off sometime and not having to work or do chores or go to Disneyland. Someday.

Anyway, yesterday I mentioned some of the new TV we've watched...okay, one series, but still, so today I wanted to talk a little about the anime that we've been watching. And it really will only be a little, because we haven't had a chance to watch very much. Like today we just watched the first episode of Kiss Him, Not Me. The premise is pretty funny, but so far the pacing is not that great. It moves just a liiiiittle too slow for us. We're willing to give it another chance to see if it picks up the pace, but we don't know if we have time for it, especially because we want to sample so much anime. It also kind of bugs me that the main girl has a fat voice and a skinny voice, because I think both of them are too far in the extremes, and people's voices don't change nearly that drastically just because they changed weight.

We did watch three episodes of Yuri!!! On Ice before we decided it wasn't for us. When we first heard about it, we were definitely interested in a series about figure skating, because the ballet in Princess Tutu is amazing. Then somebody posted the opening sequence on Facebook, and something about the skating just wasn't really working for me. We figured we might as well watch anyway, because maybe I was just in a weird, not-liking-things mood, but it was the same anyway. Yuri's version of Victor's routine was supposed to be so tender and emotional, but it just seemed kind of eh.

We've come up with a couple of different reasons why we just don't care that much. First, the routines, instead of working with the music, were just kind of overlaid on top of the music, like Fantasia 2000. It was a pretty dance routine, and there was pretty music in the background, but they weren't working together. Second, Athena remembered while we were watching an episode that our favorite parts of Disney on Ice shows were always the duets, and so far it was all solos. Finally, in the third episode, Victor explained that his basic strategy for everything was to do what would surprise the audience, and we've been annoyed at things that go for the shock value for a long time. I mean, we love to be surprised, but there's more to quality entertainment than that. There was a quote somewhere that said something about impressing versus inspiring, and I think the skating in Yuri On Ice goes for the former, while we definitely prefer the latter.

And the story surrounding the skating wasn't really working for us, either, so we ultimately decided to drop it. It's kind of a shame, too, because we love the cast.

We also started watching Occultic;Nine, and I didn't even realize the semicolon was an important part of the title. We really liked the first two episodes, because we like fast-paced comedy and there was a lot of our beloved favorite voice actor not only screaming but screaming in English (just "no" and "stop", but it was still adorable), so it was great! But then the main character got all angsty and paranoid in the third episode, and in the fourth episode it felt like nothing happened, so we're not so sure about it anymore, but I think we're going to keep watching.

And finally, we're still watching Bungo Stray Dogs. The series continues to alternate between wow this is awesome and I'm not sure I care that much, but the last episode was really good, and the next episode should bring us back to the present day and all the characters we got to know in the first season.

So that's that. Today I'm thankful for having a little time to check out new anime, getting some chores done today, having lots of treats (we had to keep reminding ourselves so as not to overindulge at the grocery store), remembering to practice the song the leaders are going to sing in the Primary Program tomorrow, and Nekogahara being on sale now.
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