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I think I may actually be able to breathe again today. Work is so weird lately, trying to figure out whether we should keep working or stop, and if we should interrupt our momentum to send this email or reply to that comment. Or maybe I'm just really stressed so it's messing with me. I can't even describe it. Anyway, we made it to our translation quota, and we have a ward party, so we decided it was okay to stop work on time today.

In the meantime, today has been a day of deliveries! We're running out of catfood a lot quicker these days, what with about eight cats in the neighborhood coming around asking us to share, so we had to buy more. Page has been known to revolt if we try to deprive her of a very specific flavor of catfood that we can't get at the grocery store, so we usually end up ordering it online. And that's how we discovered that PetSmart is doing this neat little thing where, if they have the product in stock at the nearest store, they'll send somebody to your house to deliver it, that very day if you want! So we tried it out, and it worked. It's so convenient! We would be at risk of buying way too much stuff from PetSmart now if we had more money to spare. Our finances are still recovering from our excessive September vacationing.

Fortunately, there's hope! Kodansha announced a bunch of new licenses a few weeks ago, and the other delivery was the books for some of the new ones. This was especially good, because we had talked to one of our editors about new titles, but everybody got distracted, so we weren't entirely sure what we had officially been assigned. And now we know! And knowing is half the battle. ...And I just checked our nearest deadline for those titles and now I'm not so sure there's hope after all--they're so far away! But that's a good thing as far as our overwork level. And then you ask, "If you're so worried about overwork, why do you accept jobs that make you worry about it more?" Well, because at the time we remembered that the nearest deadline was really far away, and because they're all just so shiny! We were talking about it amongst ourselves when another editor emailed and apologized for giving us so many more deadlines (on titles we're already working on) when he knows we're so busy, and we were like, "Yeah, and we keep accepting more work. And we're kind of hoping for more offers. It's not because we're gluttons for punishment; it's because we're gluttons for manga. We want to translate aaaaallll of it."

Other than that, we've just been plodding along. Gaston wanted to see how we felt about Stranger Things, so we watched it. Now that I've seen all of season one, it kind of bugs me, because the story is interesting, and it has some characters that I really like (mostly Dustin), but there's just something about it that makes it blah. Part of it is the aesthetic--they seem to have opted for the "gross" route to increase the spook factor. So I think about it and I'm like, "It's just a little too dark for my liking." But then I think about how we suggested to Gaston that he watch Death Note, and his opinion of Death Note is that it's really dark, and we can't disagree with that, but I still like Death Note. ...Maybe "like" is a little too strong a word, but if I were to rank them, I'd probably put Death Note over Stranger Things. I think the secret lies in the one scene toward the end of Stranger Things where all those people got killed. The kids in the show were talking about it later like it was so cool, which...I just...people died! And they said it was cool. On the other hand, one of the themes of Death Note is the value of life. So ultimately I prefer the value system of Death Note.

The other annoying thing is that, since that was only season one of Stranger Things, the main story isn't over, and of course to hook more viewers, they have to deliberately not give you closure, and it's the type of thing that you really want closure so you can know it's over and the scariness is done. But I really just don't want to watch anymore. Oh well. That's what distractions are for.

Anyway. Today I'm thankful for meeting our translation quota, having a ward party to look forward to (we think we have a ride, but if not, we'll have pizza to look forward to), getting shiny new manga delivered, PetSmart's same-day delivery option, and Page liking to sit in the shadow of the ironing board (it's propped up against a pile of boxes and she likes to sit under it).
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