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Today was one of those days where work was going really well, and we were making good time, but then suddenly it was time to go to bed. ...Okay, it was time to watch a little bit of TV and then go to bed. But it's still okay, though, because we really did make good time on work--we had budgeted to not finish this translation until the end of the day tomorrow! The downside is that, since it was Complex Age, we had to translate the Cospedia at the end, and that turned out to drain our brains more than expected.

Later we realized that we hadn't had any sweets all day (except for two bites each of a roll cake that came in our Tokyo Treat box, which was so small that after we divided it, it was only two bites big), and since we choose to believe all the anime and the one article we read about a study that supposedly proved that using your brain consumes sugar, we figured that accounted for the difficulty in thinking properly. So we had some Halloween candy and now we're feeling a little better, but it's bed time, so.

Today I'm thankful for getting that translation done, having lots of reserve candy, getting to start our next assignment earlier than expected, the majority of the series we work on not having encyclopedias at the end of each volume, and having time to watch some TV.
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