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Tuesday is our other busy day

Tuesday actually isn't that busy, usually, but this Tuesday is busy because we have Plans. Our friend who drives us to church and the two of us all decided we need to go to the temple more often, and Tuesday is generally a good day to do it as far as her plans are concerned. As far as our plans are concerned, we never have any plans except for the odd trip to Disneyland, but you can never predict what day of the week those are going to be on. (Lately it seems to be Thursday, but just this last one was Wednesday...and then Thursday.)

Anyway, the point is we're busy today, especially because we still have our regular work to do, in addition to the time-travel chapters we need to work on. But we're not working on them today because we have others things to do.

And I don't have a lot else to talk about so I'm rambling. I looked at our list of reviews to be posted and noticed that up next is a batch of like three things that came out over a month ago, which is really making me feel behind on reviews. But maybe the only reason I want to catch up is that I want to get to the titles that people seem to be interested in. I've been thinking about it because we're working on Complex Age this week, so it's like, "Didn't volume two come out, like, a million years ago? Why haven't we reviewed that yet?" But if we start posting extra reviews, we might end up running out, since we've had so few of our translations released since September 20. I suppose we could skip ahead, but that doesn't seem fair to the other titles. Poor, sad, lonely titles... Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for beautiful weather for our temple trip, making decent progress on Complex Age despite our lack of time, the delicious cake we had for a snack (apparently we really needed the sugar boost, because it didn't seem as intense today as it did yesterday; either that, or we got used to the sugar when we had it yesterday), having a chance to catch up on Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi story quests, and getting to go to the temple today.
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