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Monday is our busy day

Sooooo Mondays tend to be pretty busy for us, but we had to go and make it worse for ourselves by choosing not to go grocery shopping on Saturday. The reason we did that is that we were planning to do laundry on Saturday, but the laundry room was super busy all Saturday (or at least enough of Saturday for us to say forget it), and then we ended up needing to do laundry today. On top of that, we had a chapter of Cramer to translate today, which was a lot of fun and actually didn't have any soccer for once, but still took a ridiculous amount of time to translate. Your Lie in April was not this time-consuming! What happened!? I'm going to blame the beetles. And for anyone reading Farewell, My Dear Cramer, that will only make slightly more sense once the chapter goes live. I still worry that there's something we missed in regard to that, but we just don't have the time to worry about it.

In the meantime, our schedule would be pretty light except for the fact that we seem to have not one but two books that are due sooner than humanly possible because neither of them exists yet. Apparently the new thing is for us to travel into the future and gain access to chapters that haven't even been drawn yet. I mean, we're good, but we're not that good. On the other hand, we're always up for a challenge. ...And yet, we just don't have the know-how to travel through time. It's not exactly our field of expertise.

Anyway, the compromise for that is for us to translate the chapters that are available, which means slipping some extra chapters in when we have the time, and since our schedule is currently pretty light, it's not too daunting a concept.

Today I'm thankful for finally getting our laundry in (we still have to get it from the dryer, though), the frosting on the very frosted cake being vanilla and not cream cheese (that would have been tragic, because boy howdy is there a lot of frosting on that cake), finishing this month's chapter of Cramer and still having time to work on one of our time-travel chapters, the concept of time-travel chapters, and opening the blinds this evening to discover a cat attached to our window screen (he hung out for a little while and then was like, "Okay, not a fan of being looked at. Bye!" and dropped back down to the ground, sadly before we could take a picture).
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