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On Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

And now Athena and I are the last people on earth to have seen Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. There were a lot of things I wish they'd done differently, not because I think they should have been truer to the book so much as because I think the director (or maybe it was the actors) had the wrong impression of certain things.

For example, Hermione and Dumbledore both seemed to be very angry most of the time. Actually, I thought about this, and I could see where people might think that's how they would be, because they're very smart people, and I know a lot of very smart people who seem to be very angry most of the time. Always talking about how frustrated they are with others' stupidity, like what I'm doing right now *grin*

My other biggest problem was the absence of Madam Pomfrey. Every time I saw Harry recovering from an injury, I got very upset. I can also see why they made this decision, because people watching the movie by itself without having read the books would be like, "Dude, he totally broke his arm! Why is he perfectly fine now?" Since there wasn't any time to explain her existence anyway. But we shouldn't have to cater to those illiterates! *grin*

Still, we did enjoy the movie. Even though the costumes were not wizard-y enough. But still. And Ralph Fiennes did make a cool Voldemort.

At any rate, I think we should ignore the movies and make the whole series into an animated one. Get someone like Seiji Mizushima to direct it. That would be awesome.

Tonight, I'm thankful for Harry Potter movies, unfogged windows, a sense of direction, MacDonald's gift cards, and slipper socks.
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