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Alethea & Athena
It's raining, it's pouring♪ 
23rd-Oct-2016 06:15 pm
It's raining! There's actually water falling from the sky! This is so exciting!

I figured I should try to not always miss posting on one out of two weekend days, and see if I can actually post both days. Also, there was a bit of a neat experience in sacrament meeting today. See, the choir hadn't performed in two whole months, partly because in August the music director was all, "I'm going to let the choir take a break this month," and of course we're never going to turn down the opportunity to do less work (okay, there are probably a bunch of circumstances where we would, including some involving emails we got just this week), and partly because we went to Japan in September and also had stake conference. I think we still could have pulled off a choir number in September (we only missed the first Sunday, and it was Fast Sunday, so we wouldn't have practiced anyway), but nobody asked and we didn't volunteer.

Anyway, all that amounted to a couple of women in the choir being pretty bummed that we haven't had choir practice in so long, which was kind of a shock to us, because we have a bad habit of convincing ourselves that nobody ever cares. So the music director asked us is we could sing on the 30th, because there was supposed to be some special missionary sacrament meeting, but then everybody remembered that oh hey, that's when the Primary is going to be doing their program for sacrament meeting, like we've been planning for months. So they moved the special missionary sacrament meeting to this week, and they still wanted the choir to perform. That left us with about two chances to practice.

Fortunately! Athena had happened to stumble across a simple medley arrangement that was pretty much in unison the whole time, and we figured okay, we'll have everybody come to choir practice the week before and see if there's any hope of mastering this number in time. And actually people seemed to pick up on it pretty easily, and the music director had fallen in love with it, so we decided to go for it.

And that brings us to this week, when we had the choir sing a medley of "I Am a Child of God" and "I Believe in Christ." It's a sweet little arrangement, where the women sing the former song and the men sing the latter, and then they sing them over each other in a counterpoint sort of thing, all ending together on the last line of "I Am a Child of God." The ending has some harmony parts in the arrangement, but we only had two rehearsals, so we weren't going to worry too much about that.

The performance was beautiful, although the accompanist may have stumbled a little bit on the outro, and overall I think it was a success. Then after the meeting, a visitor woman came up to thank whoever picked that song for picking that song. She had had a daughter many years ago, but she was never able to communicate very well. Despite the girl's inability to talk, they knew that "I Am a Child of God" was her favorite song, because it would always calm her down and make her stop crying. Today was a day when this woman was thinking about her daughter, because it was the anniversary of her death, and then she came to sacrament meeting today and the choir sang the girl's favorite song.

So that was nice, especially because it didn't make her upset to be reminded of her daughter. She told Athena and the music director about it, and then she and the music director went off to make a copy of the arrangement so she could have it, and that was nice, too.

Today I'm thankful for everything coming together so we could sing that song today, the rain, finally getting to take home some bread from church (we missed the last two regular Bread Days!), having an extra box with which to provide shelter for the neighborhood cats, and having cornbread to eat with our chili tonight.
23rd-Oct-2016 10:53 pm (UTC)
Wow, that's a really cool way it worked out with the music and the visitor who was there this Sunday to hear it!! Things like that make me so glad. I mean, to think that God's plan in this one instance went back all the way to Athena stumbling across the music when she did, and then the rescheduling of the day to sing it, and so many details. How much more amazing must his overall plan for us be!!

(Relatedly, I have been trying all day to figure out the reason for my needing to sleep in this morning. All the details seemed to conspire against me: my phone battery died, leaving me without an alarm or a way for my ride to choir practice to wake me up. My cats (unusually) didn't pester me awake to feed them at an early hour, and my housemate who was going to come with me overslept and woke up at the exact same time as me, a half hour after church's first service had started. We still made it to sunday school and the second church service so I got to sing with the choir for that (one song based on the Apostle's Creed, which made me smile when I read this post because it also starts with "I believe...") I didn't come up with any big "This is why it had to happen!" reasons, but my brother overslept too so we got to sit with him, and my housemate spotted a couple people she knew, who wouldn't have been at the first service. So maybe that was enough?)

(hahaha about turning down opportunities to do less work. i had some emails this past week too.)
24th-Oct-2016 01:14 pm (UTC)
I know, right! (Actually, the Primary's going to be singing a song in the program next week about how Heavenly Father has a plan for us. It's kind of exciting to think what the plan could be.)

(Sometimes, you don't find out the reason for a long time, if ever. I still occasionally wonder if there was a reason our trip to Japan back in 2008 had to involve our flight being delayed a whole day... Anyway, we're glad you did get to church, and that you got to sing in the choir. Hopefully you'll get to find out why, and hopefully it's awesome.)

(Ah ha ha... It's tough being popular.)
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