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We wanted to do laundry today, so we loaded everything up and went to the laundry room...and every single washing machine was already in use. So now we're trying to kill time until we go back to the laundry room to see if we can use it.

But anyway, while we were at California Adventure with Gaston and Alice on Thursday, the topic of the verb "to adult" came up. I think when we first saw adult used as a verb, maybe I was mildly amused, but the humor quickly wore off and it got to be pretty annoying. I expressed this annoyance, adding that I'm usually okay with verbing nouns, but this adult thing was just no. I think it's the ultimate symbol of the infantilization of our society, since it seems that even adults are expected to give up on adulting from time to time.

Gaston thought about it for a second and then suggested that maybe the problem wasn't the fact that it's been turned into a verb, but the connotations that come with the verb. People use the verb "adult" to describe all the chores and errands that responsible people do but never want to. He suggested that maybe it can be used to mean positive things instead. For example, the people he talks to in Fresno tend to ask him why he goes out of town all the time. His answer is, "Because...I have a car?" In other words, he goes out of town because he wants to and he can, and he can because he's an adult. And that means his way of adulting is to go to Disneyland whenever he wants.

That reminded me of how, when we were in college, and for years after that, there was this mindset of, "Oh, how wonderful it would be to go to Japan! ...But, alas, it will always be a dream, for no one can just go to Japan." It wasn't until fairly recently that we realized that actually, yes, people can just go to Japan if they want to. So according to this new usage of adulting, we were adulting when we arranged out own trips to Japan.

This is definitely a usage we can get behind. I agree that, for example, doing laundry is not a pleasant thing, and sometimes you just don't want to be responsible. But I also think it wouldn't be so bad, instead of all agreeing that we hate doing chores, to acknowledge that there's power in being able to do things for yourself. So even the boring, tedious parts of adulting are things that can be positive. For example, it's nice to be able to make my clothes clean whenever I want.

Today I'm thankful for new perspective, being caught up on Bungo Stray Dogs (the latest episode was really good!), having the grownup ability to travel to Japan, having leftover pizza to look forward to later, and the ability to clean my clothes.
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