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Devil Survivor volume 7

Oh man, it's so nice to work on a fluffy non-talkative shoujo manga after the walls of text in In/Spectre that require a trip to the dictionary at least once per sentence... It's not even two o'clock and we already finished our first draft! And we even set the alarm for twenty minutes later this morning, and had cat shenanigans at breakfast and lunch.

This is especially helpful because we have plans to go to Mickey's Halloween Party tomorrow, which means there's no telling when our regular schedule will be swapped out for our visit from Gaston schedule, and we have some things we need to take care of before the party. Things including posting a review! We're pretty sure we'll be unavailable all day tomorrow, so we're going to go ahead and go with a Reviewsday this week instead of a Review Rednesday. Up next on our list is Devil Survivor, my old friend. It once dominated our lives, but now we haven't seen it in months. Time for a trip down memory lane... (she says, as if that's not what all these reviews are.) Spoiler level: high.

This is the volume of Devil Survivor that we translated soon after I had my wisdom teeth out, but I don't think that had much effect on the translation. What may have an effect on this review, though, is that with all the time constraints we had going on, we decided to work on some first chapters of new manga before writing the review, and even though I was sure that volume was memorable enough that that wouldn't be a problem, I'm having a really hard time concentrating right now.

Oh right, the Cain and Abel thing. That was the main thing about this volume. This is where I'm going to go off topic and be annoyed about websites. I know the spoiler rules tell you to look stuff up on the internet at your own peril, but this was just so arghful. In case I haven't mentioned it in past reviews, one of the main things going on in this series, and in the game, is the War of Bel, and what that is is a big fight between all the demons who have "bel" in their name, and they go around killing each other and taking the power of the one they just killed. Somehow, Kazuya is able to absorb Bel powers, too, and that's one of the big questions that you're eagerly awaiting the answer for, right?

So we were looking something up about the War of Bel, and I don't even remember what it is, but at the Shin Megami Tensei wiki, they have an article on it, and this is the kind of website where I thought they usually have a spoiler warning, and maybe they do and maybe they don't (we usually just skim for key words, so it's possible that they really don't), but there, right at the top of the article, it lists all the participants in the War of Bel that show up in the game, and since it's in alphabetical order, the first name on the list is Abel. Do they not expect people to know the story of Cain and Abel or something? Because here we have this guy who can mysteriously use demon power, and his cousin who hates God like whoa and for some reason calls his cousin "little brother". I mean, of course we knew Naoya was no ordinary human since the beginning of the game, but when you see a list like that, it gets to be kind of obvious. (Athena didn't see the same list that I did, and she was surprised, so we can say with a certainty that it's not like the game made it obvious, unlike with Loki. The manga still hasn't revealed the Loki thing, either...well, they sort of did. Gigolo reverted to demon form, but he hasn't named himself.)

Maybe I should also mention that we've made it to the part in the manga that we haven't gotten to in the game. This is what happens when you translate a manga of a game that has multiple endings and you've only had enough time to not even get one ending. Of course the manga ending is going to be the big fancy one that you can only get after you've made it through all the other endings.

Okay, so I should probably start being more clear about things. So it turns out that Naoya is *gasp!* another reincarnation of Cain...not that anybody cares, since none of my other reviews have mentioned anything about the plot...oh, except for when Keisuke died. But the point is, he's trying to manipulate Kazuya into leading an army of demons against God, because he likes the irony and revenge and stuff. Meanwhile, Kazuya's thinking he just wants to go home. And so we have a lot of battles to make that happen. Tadah!

We liked this volume a lot, because we needed it to not be very talkative, and it wasn't! And when we did our first draft, there was so much dialogue that had us shaking our heads and going, "This is awful..." But when we did the edit, most of the time it was pretty easy to fix! There was something we ended up spending a long time on...something when they were talking to Jezebel... Neither of us remembers what it is. Oh well.

The bug battle was just as disturbing in the manga as it was in the game. Oh man, that concept is just...blegh.

But man, the theology in this game. It's so weird, because it's so close to what we believe, but there are so many places where we're like, "I don't think you quite get this concept..." But then they'll say something else, and we'll think, "Maybe you do!" I mean, of course it's fiction written by people of a different faith, but it's still interesting.

Anyway, it's really nice how Kazuya still cares about Naoya and wants to help him--like actually help him get the help he needs, not help him with his revenge--even though Naoya's been pretty awful to him all along. Such a caring little brother.

And there you have it. Just one more volume to go in this series.

Today I'm thankful for nice relaxing shoujo manga to work on, finishing work early today, getting to go to Mickey's Halloween Party, still having adorable fox plushies to sit on the desk while we work on Wolf-Boy, and singing in harmony.
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