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Yesterday got swallowed up in busyness again. We have a translation due on Monday that we were behind schedule on, and fortunately the edit was going well enough that we were almost back on the time we had to leave for an orthodontist appointment. After the orthodontist, since we were out and about anyway, and since we'd been seeing Equestria Girls: The Legend of Everfree on Netflix, we thought, "What!? There's a new Equestria Girls!? We need to get to Target and buy the DVD!", and went to Target to do just that.

Well, for whatever reason, there was no sign of any Equestria Girls DVDs at Target. We spent probably an much too long looking at all the DVDs to make sure it really wasn't there, which meant we did discover the Blu-ray for the Final Fantasy XV movie. I figured that since we were there to buy a movie, and that movie wasn't there, we might as well buy another movie, and it's Final Fantasy, so we bought it. I don't know if we'll like it, but I'm sure the visuals will be stunning either way.

After that, we were determined to stop by Joe's Italian Ice, because Halloween season, as far as I know, is the only time you can get the monster mash flavor, which is the best flavor of all time. Nevertheless, they don't have it every day during Halloween season, so our hopes for that were disappointed yesterday. But they did have some other good flavors, including peach fusion, which is peach and like a million other things (the employee listed them, but the list was so long I stopped registering it in my memory after about two fruits; there was mango and kiwi and other tropical things I think) and pink pixie, which also had more ingredients than I remember, but it was strawberry and a little lemon and maybe some kiwi and also soft serve ice cream. It smelled like red Skittles.

We finished our water ice and then rushed home so we could order a pizza in time to serve it to the sister missionaries when they arrived for dinner. Naturally, while we waited for pizza and guests, we tidied up.

We had a lovely dinner with the sister missionaries, and since it's a new set since the last time we had missionaries over for dinner, we got to give them our whole spiel about how Disney princesses are way better role models than the detractors give them credit for. Right now, their focus is on creating unity within the ward, so they're encouraging everyone to think of someone in the ward that they can do service for. Normally this would have us freaking out because we're so afraid of approaching people, but fortunately we've been thinking about how we really need to get on the ball with our visiting teaching anyway. We're going to write letters to the sisters we've been assigned, even though one of them lives in our complex (eh heh heh...), because who doesn't love getting fun things in the mail? Also we have a ton of cute stationery right now.

After all that, we got back to work so we could feel better about not working today, and now we are thoroughly exhausted, so I think we're going to open our Tokyo Treat box and then crash or something.

Today I'm thankful for managing to get everything done yesterday, having a lovely dinner with the sister missionaries, getting to have Joe's Italian Ice, being back on schedule with that translation, and all the chocolate we bought on sale at Target yesterday.
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