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That turned out to be longer than I expected

Today has been another crazy day. But we got to see the Fairly Odd Parents special "School's Out: The Musical" again, which was awesome because we missed the beginning the first time we saw it, which was actually the second time it was on. And I'm rambling.

Anyway, about halfway through the musical, we got a call from Mom (Athena had to take it because Mimsy was sitting on top of me) telling us that Sarah passed her driving test and was therefore going to spend the day partying with her friends, so Celeste would be coming to stay with us for the day, since Mom is boring. Unfortunately, we're not the funnest people in the world, so we actually spent most of the day watching TV. At one point, we decided we were tired of watching TV and should play video games, and then we spent like twenty minutes trying to figure out what to play. Ah well.

After about three hours of Castlevania, we decided it was time for a break, just in time for Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends! It was the one where they were going to Europe. It's amazing how well we can relate to Mac sometimes.

And now we're all... not confused because we're used to it. But Celeste was supposed to sleep at Mom's place tonight. Not that any of us hate each other--just that that was the plan. But Celeste can't drive over there because Sarah has the car, so she called Sarah and asked what was going on, and it has been determined Celeste would stay here tonight because Sarah is too tired to come pick her up. We're listening to Celeste tell her friend about it on the phone, and it's a rather amusing retelling, but Sarah's not coming out of it looking very good.

Our biggest problem is that it's kind of taxing to constantly have our plans being messed around with like this. I guess technically it's not a problem, since we rarely have any plans, but planning not to have plans is kind of having a plan. It made sense to me, anyway. It's kind of difficult for me to be coherent right now. Maybe we've watched too much TV. Or maybe I'm just to distracted. At any rate, I'd better stop now. Tonight I'm thankful for amusing little sisters, honey nut Chex mix, the Butch Hartman forums, Pizza Hut, and Tony the Tiger.

Oh! And I'd better talk about this now because I have no idea when I'm going to get another chance. We have come up with a grand scheme to earn the money we'll be needing for Final Fantasy XII. The best we can come up with is to sell rubber stamps. Athena can make a rubber stamp with any kanji on it that's in the Hadamitzky & Spahn kanji guide. Why that one? Because it's the one we have, and she needs to have something to trace.

For example, she could make a stamp with the "ai (love)" kanji. You could stamp it anywhere! Greeting cards, scrapbooks, homework, your hand, the area above your left eye...

She could also do the kanji for the Chinese zodiac animals. Or simple pictures. The erasers are about... um... man, I forget. Like two and a half inches by an inch or something. For kanji, she cuts them in half.

Our only problem is that we're not sure how marketable they are. If only we knew if anyone in our ward was into scrapbooking.
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