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Your Lie in April volume 9

The last couple of days have really reinforced in my mind the importance of getting enough sleep. Maybe someday that will be a real possibility...

Anyway, it's Review Rednesday! Tadah! And in honor of today's review, we wore our special Your Lie in April shirts to Disneyland! And I didn't even remember that I was going to post a Your Lie in April review today! Here's our thoughts on volume nine. Spoiler level: I don't even know. We'll go with moderate.

We're starting this review right after turning the translation in, because we're set to post our Noragami 8 review tomorrow, and that's sure to wipe all thoughts of Your Lie in April out of our minds. I'm not sure my thoughts are very coherent, though.

First, there's Kaori's chant. I'm pretty sure we included a note in volume one about how that chant is for demmon summoning. This is the volume where it occurred to us (maybe again?) that maybe if she wouldn't mess with demon summoning, she wouldn't be dying so much. And then Kosei goes and uses it! Silly people.

But speaking of Kaori's dying, Ravel. The dialogue is at least 90% unclear about what Kosei is talking about, unless you understand the reference that they've been making since the last volume. We didn't understand it until we looked it up. We did manage to make the connection that it was somehow related to Ichigo Domei. The funny thing was when I Googled "Ichigo Domei Ravel", the first links that popped up were to explanations of the Ravel references in Your Lie in April. We found one blog post that has a pretty detailed rundown of all of volume nine and, where relevant, how it related to Ichigo Domei, and how by the end of the volume, the blogger was thinking, "You mean Kaori's NOT gonna die!?" We tried to reflect that a little bit in our Ravel note by pointing out that the heroine of Ichigo Domei had accepted her death. The blogger's reasoning was that Naomi had accepted her death, and Kaori was acting like she accepted it, but toward the end of volume nine, Kaori is now saying that she's having a hard time accepting it, so maybe she won't die after all! Yay!

On the other hand, there's Tsubaki. If Kaori lives, what's going to happen to Tsubaki? Oh well, I'm sure they'll all work it out. It's possible that Kaori will die happy after playing a waltz with Kosei...or that they'll commit double suicide. That seems unlikely, though, because I don't think the Japanese censors would approve of that kind of theme. But anyway, the whole thing makes me wish we had time to read Ichigo Domei, sheesh. It's a little bit torturous for us, because they're quoting this book, and we're like, "Oh my gosh, we have to make it match!" But then we remember that the book hasn't been translated into English (except for on a blog somewhere that's not official), and we're relieved until the cycle starts up again. If something is an homage, I want to it leave no room for doubt! Ah well.

Anyway, speaking of notes. We almost had a note about when Koharu grabbed Nagi's leg and Hiroko said, "At least go for the left leg!" This confused us, so we had to look it up, to see if there was any significance to left versus right leg. After a few searches that gave only mild clues, I realized, "Oh, duh, she operates the pedals with her right foot!" And me a pianist. We thought that if we struggled with it that much, maybe we should write a note anyway, and we even did! But then I thought it might be insulting to the readers' intelligence to include a note like that, or that maybe it would be too personal a note since we mitigated the intelligence insulting by pointing out that it confused the translators even though one of them plays the piano. Or maybe I just didn't want to admit my folly to that large of an audience. Anyway, the point is, if you were confused about it, Hiroko wants Koharu to go for the left leg because damaging the right leg might affect Nagi's playing.

As for the stuff that happens in this volume... It's nice. We liked it. I kept having to force myself to turn off the YouTube videos that Kodansha made for the piano duet, because we had other music going on for translating to and we needed to stop being distracted. I always did like the music to Sleeping Beauty. We had a really hard time trying to figure out exactly which waltz they were referring to, because I assumed we didn't have time to read Wikipedia's whole list of compositions in the ballet, and that there was more than one waltz. (Checking now, there is only one waltz in Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty. Huh.) We had to go to the Wikipedia page on "Once Upon A Dream" to get it. How silly of us.

And I think that's that for this review. Feel free to add anything in the comments!

Today I'm thankful for sleep, having a lovely time hanging out with Gaston, getting to go to the Pancake House for breakfast, making at least some progress on work today, and having Milanos to help us survive the exhaustion.
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