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The feline invasion

I dream of a day when work ends at a normal time, and we can do other things in our day... Actually, we did get to do something else today! We got to herd cats!

See, yesterday was pretty chilly, so Page spent most of it snuggled up in various warm places inside the apartment, but then at about bedtime, she decided she wanted to go outside. Athena wasn't too keen on that and ignored her pleas, partly because she was in the other room anyway, and partly because she didn't want to deal with another accidental overnight visitor. Page protested in her usual way, and we decided not to reward her bad behavior, so she didn't get to go outside last night.

She did not forget this morning, though, and so she asked us to open the door. We didn't want to deprive her forever, so we went ahead and let her outside, and of course all the neighborhood cats took advantage. It was kind of cute, actually. Sometimes other people would walk by outside, and the neighbor kittens, who are usually stuck outside anyway so I have to wonder why it even bothers them, would dash back inside to hide. So it's nice to know that the cats are less afraid of us than other people (although I'm sure if the kittens got to know those people like they gradually got to know us, they wouldn't be afraid of them, either).

The cutest part was that the little beige kitten has gotten bolder about exploring our apartment, and sometimes his mom comes to hang out with him, so this time she came in and explored with him. It was sweet.

In the meantime, we had a ton of work to do, so we pretty much just let them have the run of the apartment until we could no longer stand the idea of so many cats running around our space unsupervised. Especially because we didn't want the older toms coming around and trying anything funny. And we couldn't police the situation and work. So we would try to herd the cats outside. And then Page would go outside with them. So then Bamboo would come back inside, because if the door's going to be open, she wants to hang out in here. And if Bamboo is inside hanging out, then Tangles and the little beige cat want to come in, too. They even convinced the shyest of the striped litter to come in with them. And then Page would finally come back inside, so we'd try to shoo everybody back out again and the whole cycle repeated itself until we really got fed up.

But they sure are cute.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our work despite cat herding, Page being all cute and curled up on the Hide-a-Mat, salted caramel Milanos to help boost morale, getting to see all the kitties, and managing to get all the kitties back outside.
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