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It's all fun and games until...

We didn't plan to spent all day working...and actually we didn't; we just spent the last hour watching Guilty Crown. And did we feel guilty about it? No, we did not. Anyway, I like to blame the lateness of our finishing work today on cat shenanigans that happened first thing in the morning. Last night, we had a feline invasion, and apparently we failed to make sure they had all been evacuated before we went to bed. So I woke up half an hour before the alarm to a strange cat meowing to be let out.

And that meant there was a strange cat in the apartment overnight, and we're guessing Page was guarding the door to the bedroom, which would be why the other cat had no access to the litter box. So we spent some extra time cleaning up the resulting messes, and while all that was going on, Page wanted to go outside, so all the cats were coming in again and it was just stress all around. And we got to work about an hour late, and our work schedule isn't light enough for us to stop before meeting our quota and we're both feeling a little under the weather.

But on the bright side, we are loved by kitties. Or at least, our apartment is. And on the other bright side, we got a package from CD Japan, and a comp copy of Noragami 17! And somehow, every time we sat down to eat, there was another cat we had to let outside. Sigh. But they were awful cute.

...I'm pretty sure they're really all outside now. Except for the one that should be inside.

Today I'm thankful for getting our CD Japan package, getting to listen to our Soul Eater CD while we worked (I love it so much!), the yummy cookies our visitors brought last night, having a lovely visit from our ward's senior missionaries, and finally figuring out why we pulled out our box o' Negima. I was like, "What's that Box o' Negima doing there? We're not translating Negima. ...Oh wait."
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