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I'm going to be honest and say that eight hours is a lot of church for one weekend. Yesterday, we had a lot of sugar between the two General Conference sessions, and we realized belatedly that maybe we should have done that today, too. Or maybe we should have done that today instead. But all the talks were really good. The one that stands out the most in my memory is David A. Bednar's talk that asked the question, "We may know about Christ, but do we really know Him?" (You can check it and all the other talks out here! One speakers last name was Nattress, and when I heard them announce it, I heard "mattress", and I thought that was interesting that mattress would actually be a name. Now that I think about it, I'm pretty curious about the origins of the name Nattress, too, because I'm a language geek and it's not obvious to me. Athena suggests maybe it's from something French.)

Other the conference, I think the main thing that's been going on is writing a review for the last thing we translated, and also going to the donut shop. They have these drinks called "Chillas", and one of them is chocolate, and I was in a chocolate mood, but I didn't want a chocolate donut, so we both ordered a Choco Chilla. (Why didn't I want a chocolate donut? Because I wanted a cruller and the crullers didn't have chocolate. But they did have maple! And it was delicious.) One thing we noticed about the large posters for the Choco Chillas is that they were made with Nestle's Abuelita brand chocolate, so we weren't surprised that there was also cinnamon mixed in. We were surprised at the ratio of cinnamon to chocolate, however. Man, that was a cinnamony drink. It was supposed to be a "chilla", but it was hot! So I wanted to take a drink to cool down, but my only drink was what was causing the heat! It turned out to be okay once we got used to it, but we still prefer more chocolate. With that much cinnamon, the bitterness of the spice comes out and kind of overshadows the joy of the chocolate. I do like cinnamon and chocolate together, though. The Mexican chocolate cake we had at DisneySea was really good.

Kitten adventures continue, but it's pretty much second verse same as the first at this point. Oh, except that when Bamboo demands attention, there's always a point when she starts chomping. I don't mind letting Page chomp me, because we know she's had her vaccines, but when it's a stray cat, it just seems like a bad idea. So usually we just try to avoid her teeth, and if she won't stop it's time to walk away. But last night, Athena got the idea that maybe she was feeling playful, so first she tried using her braid as a cat toy. Bamboo didn't really react to that so much, so Athena, remembering the kitten's habit of following people around, tried trotting back and forth to see if she wanted to chase her. The answer to that was no, and she was rather alarmed by the sudden erratic behavior. But that was okay, because the point was to get her to stop chomping, so it worked. Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for more great conference talks, the ability to read the talks online later in case our minds my have wandered (they were really good talks, but our attention spans were not up to the task), getting to try Choco Chillas (maybe next time we'll try French vanilla caramel...), having managed to befriend at least one of the neighborhood kittens, and it being time to try some strawberry candies from Tokyo Treat.
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