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News from the feline front

I have been so busy going on vacation and reporting about vacations lately that I have not had a chance to write an update about what's going on at home! Well, Page is having a very difficult time lately, because we can tell she wants very badly to go outside, but every time we open the door, our cat population multiplies by at least three. In particular, two of the older kittens seem to have taken a fancy to our humble abode. The first one we call Tangles because she has a little swirly pattern on her side--she's the bold one who first discovered the joys of spelunking under our furniture.

And speaking of the cat names, the whole "strays having multiple names" thing really hit home the other night when a couple of kids walked by and noticed the orange cat hanging around. They called him Pumpkin, probably because he's orange like a pumpkin. We still call him Leech Boy, because he's kind of a leech, but it's also sort of affectionate because it's one of Ebisu's many names. Anyway, I thought about it and decided that Pumpkin just doesn't match my image of him, so if we were to go that route, we would call him Jack, as in jack-o-lantern, but also because of, "Hit the road, Jack!"

Sometimes we really do want him to hit the road, because he likes to jump on the older kittens. And we're like, "Hey! At least take it outside!" The kittens don't seem to like it that much, but for all we know they're just playing coy like all the women in The Tale of Genji. It's no wonder people are confused about what consent means when we keep telling stories where the guy's like, "Eh? *nudgenudgewinkwink*" and the girl's like, "No, stay away from me! (But seriously come hither!)"

Anyway, the point is, one time Leech Boy started getting a little too friendly with one of the kittens when they were in our apartment, and she didn't seem too happy about it (from our limited perspective), so we shooed him away, and after that, she has been the most affectionate cat I have ever known. She'll come in and look up at our hands expectantly, like, "Pet me? Pet me?" and if we pet her for a while and walk away, she'll follow us! Oh, it's so cute, and she's so soft. We call her Bamboo, naturally, because she has tiger stripes (only gray instead of orange).

And now, every time we open the door, Bamboo is in our apartment almost immediately. How's a Page to get outside for a stress-free relax session, I ask you.

Well, today she figured it out. If she goes out at about lunchtime, all the neighbor cats are too busy napping to care about exploring cavernous apartments, so Page is allowed to go where she wants unhindered. I did feel bad, though, because Page used to escape our patio through a section of the fence where a slat was missing, but when they painted everything, they fixed the fence, and now she can't get out unless I open the gate (she's a little pudgy). And when I opened the door for her this afternoon, there was Tangles, happily sleeping by the gate. So I had to dislodge her, and she did not seem too pleased about that. Fortunately, she seemed to get resettled fairly quickly.

And that's the news on the feline front.

Today I'm thankful for making friends with the neighbor cats, having a spray bottle now for when the males get too aggressive, making good progress on work today, Page finally getting a chance to go outside, and Tangles being willing to ask for help when we trap her inside our apartment (she knew the risks of going under the couch).
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