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On the second day of Christmas...

So today we had a mysterious knock on the door. But then, almost any knock on our door that's not someone picking us up for church or FHE is mysterious. Except for when we're expecting books from work.


It was the sister missionaries, bearing gifts! This was actually a point of... alarm? distress? ...I'm not sure, really. It's just that I don't see where the sister missionaries can afford to get us gifts for Christmas. Not that it was anything major--they probably got most of the stuff at a dollar store... though the bag with pre-packaged snack food said FoodMaxx on it... I said we didn't have anything for them and they said it was fine, and before they left they made sure to remind us that if we ever needed anything, we know where to find them.

But I also know that it's never good to let anything go to waste, so all we can really do is accept it very gratefully, and then try to be better member missionaries. I'm just so stunned by the generosity we've received these past few weeks. I kind of feel like Tohru, when she starts thinking she's going to be in trouble because so many good things are happening to her and she doesn't deserve them. Only we're not as nice as Tohru. So we'd better get started working to deserve all this stuff.

So tonight, I am very very thankful for gifts from the sister missionaries, once again having food in our kitchen, vitamin C, people joining us for playing Encore, and powdered donuts.
Tags: tender mercies

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