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Alethea & Athena
19th-Sep-2016 04:03 pm
I was really not expecting to have time to update LiveJournal today, but now I do, and I'm not sure what to do with it. See, the plan is for the family to come into town for a Disneyland trip, and we had been told that Mom and Steve would be leaving early-ish--too early to check in to where they're staying--so we would probably meet up for lunch at Farrell's. We expected them by two, and now it's almost four and we haven't heard from them. I think it's probably just a communication problem and not that they got into an accident or anything, so mostly I'm thinking that's what we get for not nailing down a time.

In the meantime, we're working on a project that hasn't been announced yet, so we can't talk about that, and we haven't met up with family yet, so we can't talk about that, and I'm not sure what to talk about because everything else has been filed away in the "stuff we don't have time to worry about this week" cabinet.

I know! I can tell an amusing anecdote from church. When we got to church, I went to the organ to play prelude music, and Athena took up her normal spot in the pews. A visiting couple was sitting behind her, and they asked if she knew if we had a family history class during second hour. Athena said she didn't know; she's in the Primary, to which the couple responded, "Oh, so you're stuck in outer lightness." (See, because in the LDS church, we don't really believe in hell the same way other denominations do; instead, we talk about "outer darkness".)

After that, they asked if long hair was a trend in our ward, because both Athena and the organist had really long hair. Athena said no, it just happened that she and the organist had a lot of similar tastes. "Oh yeah, you are kind of dressed the same, now that you mention it." "And we have the same face, too!" And that's when they figured out that we were twins. Aaahhh ha ha ha...ha...ha.

Anyway. I guess it's time to go find some other way to kill time. Maybe we'll get back to work, or maybe we'll watch some anime.

Today I'm thankful for getting to work on a cool new project, the delicious chocolate snacks we got from Tokyo Treat, having a bunch of extra Hershey miniatures leftover from Singing Time yesterday, having time to post more pictures on Facebook (check 'em out!), and the fox plush on the desk still being super adorable.
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