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It was a dark and stormy night...

Last night at like four-thirty we had a really scary thunderstorm. It wasn't like the normal ones I'm used to where you get lightning every few minutes followed by a soft-ish (sometimes not so soft-ish) rumble of thunder. This was one of the ones like in the movies or at Disneyland's Haunted Mansion, where the sky is pretty much putting on a light show, there's so much lightning. And the thunder was clapping and scary and stuff. Now that we're not in the middle of it and afraid for our lives (we don't do so well with the thunderstorms), we're curious to see what it looked like from Celeste's room, since that window is looking out on the town, as opposed to ours, which is looking at the apartments across the parking lot.

Poor Oreo, though! He was so scared; he hates loud noises. Usually he comes up to my bed and hides under the covers when he's scared, but I was there and in the way. That didn't stop him one time, but I think he didn't enjoy that experience much (I probably kicked him a lot), so he kept starting to get under the covers and then changing his mind. He also kept going up and down between my bed and the floor, since his second best hiding place is under Athena's bed.

But then the storm passed and we were all able to get back to sleep. And, appropriately, Danny Phantom: Reign Storm is going to be on today! Woohoo!
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