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My Monster Secret volume 3

Our schedule is a little tight today, because we have plans to go to the temple! That being the case, we may or may not have time for another full installment of trip reporting, but we decided it would be best not to risk it. Instead, we bring you Reviewsday Tuesday! And we can either have a bonus review tomorrow for Review Rednesday, or we can get back to trip reporting. Your vote counts!

And it just so happens that the review we have for today is the very series we've been working on translating, My Monster Secret! Here's our review of volume three! Spoiler level: moderate.

Oh my goodness, we keep forgetting that this book exists. Fortunately we're waiting for Fruits Basket Another to load, or we might have finished the Noragami translation we're working on and moved on without ever remembering until we get to volume four.

It's going to take a little time to revive my memories of this volume, but I do remember it being my favorite so far. Let's see...the main thing that stands out is Fuku-chan, the goddess of fortune. Maybe I remember her so well because her name is so close to Kofuku's, and so far both of them have brought a lot less fortune than they originally claim (Kofuku claims to bring fortune with her fake name).

Mikan is still an enigma because she did sincerely seem to be happy for Asahi having a real romantic relationship. Speaking of which! Oh my goodness, that chapter was so cute, where Youko called Asahi by his first name! It also had us being all smug in relation to imaginary honorifics opponents: How would you deal with that scene, huh? Huh!?

And speaking of Youko, I also wonder if Asahi's friends know she's a vampire. We know they know that something is up, because Asahi can't keep a secret to save his life, but it's not exactly the kind of secret you'd just figure out. "Hey, he's acting pretty weird. I wonder if she's a vampire." But if they saw the wings and the bats, it would be a little more obvious.

This volume also features the appearance of Nagisa's brother. We had stopped watching the anime after an episode or two because it was going so fast and we didn't want it to spoil the manga for us (we figure we usually have at least three episodes before it gets to the end of a volume, but not this one! it zoomed right past everything!). But now that Nagisa's brother has shown up, we're anxious to know who voices him! Maybe we'll have found out by the time we post this. [ETA: Nope. But I have been thinking of getting back to the anime, since we've been working on volume seven.]

He's a pretty funny character, but he's also a jerk, so we were really glad to find out that Nagisa really wasn't that clueless about all the "advice" he gave her. Nagisa is my favorite character. My other favorite character is Akane, not because I like her per se, but because I like what happens when she's around. The visit to the haunted house and her stealing Mikan's glasses were both pretty hilarious.

I think that covers everything. I'm curious to see how things will develop after Fuku-chan's "confession".

And there you have it!

Today I'm thankful for having plans to go to the temple, the weather being cool enough to warrant using my Chip blanket, fond reminiscences of earlier volumes of My Monster Secret, dreams of going to the donut shop and stocking up on donut holes (I've been feeling sugar-deprived lately...), and finally getting to post another review.
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