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Ho ho ho!

So now that Celeste is in bed and I don't feel like we'll be bad hosts for sitting here typing, and we've settled down and are able to think straight, and we finally got to read our e-mail from Clay and open our present from baranoneko, we're calm enough to write a LiveJournal entry. Though this CD might be a little distracting. Not that anyone would notice that anyway.

I think I really should have known from the beginning that I should have been extra careful instead of letting myself be in a bad mood. There were a couple of things causing my bad mood. The main thing was that, this morning, I had a dream where I practically beat Steve up because he was yelling at Celeste, but it wasn't satisfying at all, because he defended himself the way Mom always defends him, so even after I beat him up, I was still worked up about whatever it was he was talking about.

And so I wasn't keeping my mean comments to myself as much as I should have been. So when Steve was asking Kimee if she knew which two people were missing from our gathering, I said, "Aurora and Dad." This was very wrong of me, because Kimee's dad was there, and we don't want to give her the wrong idea. Or something. It seemed to make sense when Mom was upset about it. Something about her not thinking of Steve as her dad because we don't? I don't know. I personally think that a seven-year-old can figure out that if I say Dad, and her dad is there, I must be referring to someone else.

The comment was made before church, and somewhere between then and after church, Steve related the incident to Mom, who pulled us aside as everyone was going from the car to their apartment to lecture us that we need to not do that. It probably would have been better if she hadn't said anything, because I can't imagine that something like that would have come up again. At any rate, I was angry because I didn't think I'd done anything wrong, so we got into a fight with Mom where she revealed that she does think less of us because we don't drive and we had to get help from outside sources to pay our rent.

So we stayed in Sarah's room and cried while they watched the DVD of their trip to Seattle, and then we went out for dinner and were silent for most of the rest of the evening. We opened presents, and we got a couple of really nice presents that Sarah picked out. We're really excited to use the sundae kit that we got, but alas, we have no ice cream. We also got some clothes, which is what we specifically told Steve we don't want. During that discussion, we pointed out that we could use some new church clothes, though, and some jeans, but we didn't get any of those kinds of clothes. I really wonder if he thinks we're using reverse psychology on him.

Hopefully, our reaction to Celeste's gift will have disproved that theory. It was in a gift bag, and Athena pulled out a Kyo plushie and we were both very excited, and then she pulled out Momiji, and I gasped and then kidnapped him and wouldn't let him go. The very same Momiji (er, same model) that I had carried around Borders on my head for so long.

We also got jackets, which we cleverly manipulated Mom into getting for us. Okay, so there were fortunate circumstances involved, and for all we know, Mom had gotten them before this encounter. As we were waiting to head out for the progressive dinner we had for Enrichment a couple of weeks ago, Mom happened to be at church for tithing settlement. I think what happened, though I don't remember for sure, is that Athena complained about the cold, and Mom said something about how we should wear coats, and so we told her we didn't have any. And from that night on, we figured we'd be getting coats or jackets or some such thing, and we were right! Tadah! Eheh.

Sadly, we are going to have to give our gifts late, because we didn't have money until our anonymous benefactor showed up, and then we had a hard time getting to a store, and then we were picky. But that's okay, because now we know that people didn't get what we were thinking about getting them.

When the presents were all opened, Celeste said that she would like to go home early or arrange for someone else to drive so she could give some Excedrin PM time to kick in so she could get to sleep, as she is sick. Mom decided it would be best for us to have access to a car, so we decided to watch Muppet Christmas Carol, and then we would go home. Never before has Muppet Christmas Carol been so long.

It doesn't help that the fact that we'd watched it just last night made it so I wasn't as focused on it, so as soon as the opening credits began I started to reflect on how sad and neglected we are that there was one thing we've been wanting for almost a year and a half, and everyone knew that we wanted it, and we didn't get it, but we did get exactly what we told Steve we didn't want. Okay, so we didn't tell him we didn't want it; we told him we didn't say that we wanted it. And then I'm like, "Dude, Christmas isn't about the gifts!" And then I'm like, "Exactly! It's the thought that counts, and there was obviously a major lack of thought!"

Actually, I do like what we got, and I think Sarah did a wonderful job picking things out. There are just so many things on our wishlist, and we didn't get anything on it. And I feel like I'm focusing too much on us and being selfish. I think it comes from putting up the defensive walls after Mom's lecture.

But then we came home, and everything was better. After we calmed down, anyway. We got an email from Clay, which was surprising, because I had only sent him an email yesterday. It was a very happy email, too, and he started talking about seiyuu, which means I'll have a much easier time trying to decide what to say in my response. Darn perfectionism.

And! After Celeste went to bed, we opened our present from Kat, and it was Sano's single from Ueki no Housoku! This was exactly what we needed--a song sung by Soichiro Hoshi. And to top it all off, it's from our favorite Ueki no Housoku! And! The background music sounds kind of like Xenogears music!

In the bonus track VA message, Hoshi-san says he would be really happy if people would listen to the first and second tracks on loop, which is exactly what we planned to do, and are doing now. He also said it's a little low tempo, so it might be kind of surprising to think of it as Sano's song, but if you look at the lyrics, you realize it can be no one but Sano, which is exactly what Athena thought about it.

So tonight I am very, very thankful for good friends, good sisters, Seiichiro Sano, ice cream toppings, and Japanese pen pals.
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