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Alethea & Athena
Last minute appointments 
29th-Aug-2016 05:53 pm
The busyness continues, as usual. Today we had some out-of-the-house things to take care of before our trip, both of which were things we didn't know would be necessary until two weeks ago, but I guess sometimes you don't realize something is necessary until, like, that day, so maybe it's not so shocking. First, I had to go to the dentist and finally finish the whole root canal deal by getting a crown on. Tadah! It feels a lot like my old tooth, but a heck of a lot smoother. Also, I feel like it leans forward a little, but since I had a temporary cap on for so long, I'm not sure I can be trusted to really remember what my old tooth felt like.

After that, we had to take Page back to the vet for a followup treatment on the tapeworm issue. Last time, we spent a lot of time waiting, which was kind of the case when we were always taking Oreo to the vet, so it wasn't really surprising, but we were worried about it because we were already inconveniencing our friend who was kind enough to drive us. She spent a lot of time in the lobby, which is how she found out that apparently the doctor was doing some kind of a surgery, so now it makes sense that it seemed to be taking extra long. But this time, since they didn't need to examine her or anything, they just took her into the back, gave her a shot, and we were out in about fifteen minutes. So that was nice.

There was a little bit of extra excitement after the dentist, though, because, what with the braces and everything, the dentist really thought I should get an electric toothbrush. And since the reason the crowding was a problem to begin with is that it made dental hygiene impossible, and braces don't exactly make it easy, I did spend some time being perhaps unreasonably worried that I wouldn't be able to keep my teeth clean enough and food and germs would get stuck in the dark corners of the braces and eat away at my teeth and I'd have to get more fillings and/or more root canals. So I wanted the toothbrush.

Then it turned out to cost $120, and we were like, "Uh..." so the people at the dentist were like, "When did you get your braces? Because we were having a promotion a while back. Let me call the manager and see if we can sell it to you for half off." And they could, so I figured what the heck. And it turned out to be a super fancy electric toothbrush with a digital display, and it came with a whole bottle of mouthwash and I think maybe some floss and toothpaste, but I haven't really cared enough to check because I'm not brushing my teeth right now.

But then! I forgot to get my card back after making the transaction, and I didn't realize until we were about halfway home. So we had to walk all the way back to the dentist's office, where the receptionist saw me and, even though she couldn't talk because she was on the phone, she immediately reached over and pulled my card off the wall where they'd taped it and handed it back.

So that was a little exciting, and a little exhausting, but on the bright side, we discovered it before we had to pay for Page's medical treatment, and on the even brighter side, we discovered it before we got to the airport.

Today I'm thankful for being done with my non-braces dental treatments, having a fancy electric toothbrush, Page's vet appointment going very smoothly, finishing the first draft of Corpse Party 10, and it being time to stop working now.
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