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Alethea & Athena
The runt 
27th-Aug-2016 05:25 pm
We spent like an hour playing Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi, and now it's like I came out of a trance. But we sure leveled up a lot of medals.

Anyway, the big thing on our minds right now is that we're leaving for Japan in not too long at all! But actually I'm not thinking about that quite so much as about the little gray kitten. It was in our patio this morning and seemed like it was looking for something to eat. Its mom came by and it would try to get some milk from her, but she would just keep walking and maybe turn her head like, "Come on, I said no." She seems to be keeping her eye on things, though, so we probably shouldn't be too worried, but one of the kitten's littermates came by and it was like twice as big as this little gray kitten!

So when we went to the grocery store for our weekly shopping trip, we got some wet food in the hopes that maybe this little kitten could get more to eat. (The kittens are probably between three and four weeks old, and Google-sensei tells us they can start eating wet food.) When we finally pulled ourselves away from Kingdom Hearts, there was the kitten, all alone in our patio (except for one of the older kittens who was lounging in the fence), so it was time to try it out! Athena got some food and put it on a plate, then went outside and put it in front of the kitten...who promptly ran away. Oh well.

A few minutes later, the older kitten came by and started eating it, and she was soon joined by the gray kitten's mother. Finally, the gray kitten came by to see what was going on, and it was a while before it got up the courage (or the energy?) to pass by the older kitten and see the food. Eventually it seemed to look at the food and decide it wasn't interested. But maybe if its mother is getting more to eat there will be more milk for the little guy. I just keep telling myself that if Google-sensei's information is correct, it's probably still growing at a normal rate, and this isn't necessarily a sign that it's unhealthy and needs assistance.

Today I'm thankful for getting to try the sweet oat & flax Good Thins, getting to level up a lot of medals in Kingdom Hearts, having more packing paper from PetSmart for Page to lounge in (it's her favorite), getting to go to the ward activity last night, and getting to sleep in this morning.
27th-Aug-2016 11:59 pm (UTC)
Aww, such good foster cat moms!! I think the runts sometimes make up for it later in life, but a little help along the way can't hurt! Once they can eat cat food themselves, it's probably easier than competing for mama cat's milk and should even out. I remember with my friend's kittens, there was one or two who just didn't seem to get how it was supposed to work in those first few weeks.
28th-Aug-2016 08:59 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the support. This one seems to look at all the options and then look back at his mom like, "When are you going to lie down?" She's still got her eye on him/her, so we're pretty sure he'll be okay, but sometimes the worry hits and you can't just tell it to go away. So you buy cat food.
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