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Well, we're back from Disneyland again. We also had a chapter of Farewell My Dear Cramer to translate, which is now making me fear for whether or not we'll have enough work done before we leave the country, especially since we have to go to the dentist and the vet, too. But I'm sure it will all work out.

As for Disneyland, it was a fairly good time. The 60th anniversary celebration stuff is ending in a couple of weeks, so Gaston wanted to make sure to experience the exclusive events one last time. We also made it a point to hunt down the exclusive cupcakes, which turned out to be...well, I wanted to say a disappointment, but come to think of it, we've never really liked the new Disneyland cupcakes. The California Adventure one was orange cake with a berry filling and a mountain of cream cheese mousse on top, and a little ribbon of butter cream frosting going around the edges for decoration. The cake was good, but the butter cream tasted like bland and the cream cheese tasted like bland with a little cream cheese (which we don't like anyway) and the berry filling tasted like sour. Gaston really liked it, though, which is just another indication that different foods work better for different sets of taste buds. The Disneyland specific cupcake was lemon cake with a mountain of lemon frosting-like-substance on top and some kind of a jammish filling that I assume is strawberry. That one we liked a lot better, but the frosting still tasted like bland. But a somewhat lemony bland.

So we watched the fireworks and we watched World of Color: Celebrate and we lamented the fact that Disney has lost sight of its tradition of syncing visuals with music, which I'm convinced is the main reason for the mediocrity of the shows. Not the only reason, but a big one. ...I should stop complaining.

...But I can't because Gaston also said out of nowhere, "We should get fastpasses to see the Frozen show." And because we hate to make people miss out on the things they want to do, we agreed to do it. So we watched it, and the production values continue to be good, but boy do I still hate the story and characters. The play makes it a little worse in the case of Anna, too, as she's surrounded by people (people who appear to have been serving her for years) while singing about how she finally won't be alone. And people think Belle was rude for leaving in the middle of her conversation with the baker, even though he left it first! Argh. I did manage to entertain myself during the show, though, because Gaston noticed that after the parents died, they both showed up in the ensemble, so it was fun to make up stories about what they were doing there. And then the late king ended up playing one of Wesselton's minions who goes with Hans to confront Elsa in her ice palace, and that made for some interesting drama.

And now I've resigned myself to the fact that the songs are going to be in my head for the indefinite future.

So we ended up being more grumpy yesterday than perhaps we should have been, but there were some really fun things. We went to the Royal Theatre and caught the Tangled show and had a grand time shouting huzzah and fie in many more places than were perhaps expected by the performers, but they tell you to do it whenever you feel like it, so why not? Mr. Smythe had a solo in "I've Got a Dream" that he sang very dramatically, so we shouted huzzah at an appropriate part and he thanked us. It was nice.

But more importantly, while we were waiting for the show to begin, we noticed a crowd of people gathered by the replica of Rapunzel's tower outside the theatre. We glanced over to see what was up, and in the center of the crowd we saw none other than Gaston. Not our friend Gaston--Gaston Gaston. Like the official Disneyland Gaston. This was especially surprising because to our knowledge there was as yet no such thing as an official Disneyland Gaston. Only a Disney World Gaston.

Unfortunately, he was too far away for us to make out what he was saying, and we couldn't leave the theatre for fear of losing our seats. Also unfortunate is that our friend Gaston wasn't with us at the time--he had taken a short(?) break to go to a local hockey store. Nevertheless, after the show, we resolved to wait in the Fantasy Faire area until the official Gaston's inevitable return. Sure enough, it wasn't long before he swaggered back into the square. As it so happened, Belle was there meeting and greeting people, and Gaston took this opportunity to read her a poem his previous group of fans had supposedly helped him write. Something about how he loves the way her eyes reflect the image of him (it was actually slightly less poetic than the way I'm retelling it). He ended it by asking her to marry him that night and she said oh darn I think I have plans.

Gaston took that as a yes and went off to the tavern to discuss wedding plans with LeFou. But he took the long, meandering way through Fantasyland. We had to know more about this, so we followed him. Basically he just walked through Fantasyland, gravitating toward the higher concentrations of people, saying hello and congratulating them on how good their day just became, expressing his condolences that things would only go downhill from here, breaking the bad news to the people waiting in line for rides that none of those lines were for the Gaston meet and greet. He pointed out that the horses on the carousel weren't moving and guessed that it was "dark magic". He's not a fan of dark magic, and his reasoning became clearer when we passed by the Mad Tea Party and he explained why he hated that photo op teacup vehicle--it reminds him of Chip and dark magic. At that point, the dark magic thing made sense, but the fact that he knew Chip by name didn't. Generally he seemed to have a good grasp on the character's ego, but he didn't seem to be quite "there" yet. Like maybe he needs to look into the whole hunting aspect, come up with some good hunting stories about how amazing he is or something. Also, his look was nearly perfect (he didn't really have a swell cleft in his chin), but his voice was a little on the bright side. More like a Robby Benson than a Richard White timbre-wise, and with more of theatrical tone than a sportsmanlike one. ...We're kind of struggling to describe it, but basically he sounded like a spoony bard.

He never really stopped to talk to anyone, but he would let people take selfies with him as he walked. But if someone asked for an autograph, he would inform them that he doesn't do books. Someone asked him how many eggs he eats, and he went with the expected five dozen, adding that if he ate more he would burst out of his shirt. The obvious response to this (mine) was that he's too sexy for his shirt, and he replied that he thinks that himself every day.

When we arrived at the cast members only exit by It's A Small World, he gathered all his followers together and asked for a volunteer to help him practice dancing for the wedding. There was a little girl who was already there (at her mother's urging), so she was chosen. He went, "One two three, one two three, one two three, turn...and flex." He perfected the waltz in four seconds and was ready for the wedding, so he bid us all farewell and apologized that we would have to endure without his presence. He started to go and then turned around again for more speechifying...and that happened a few times before he finally left.

All in all, it was an interesting experience. I think there are a few kinks he needs to work out before he's the perfect Gaston, but with the right coaching he could be pretty great.

And that's pretty much all the stuff worth reporting on. Now we are very tired...and we need to get dressed because we're going to a ward activity in about fifteen minutes.

Today I'm thankful for another good time at Disneyland with friends, getting to see the official(?) Disneyland Gaston, getting to try the 60th anniversary cupcakes (even if we didn't like them that much; now we know for sure), getting to try the crepes from the Pancake House with their delicious tropical syrup, and managing to finish that chapter of Cramer.
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