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We did it! We finished the super long list of books that we had to translate! Nine books in a month, wowie. Actually, we're a little frustrated because under normal circumstances we would have finished the last one even sooner than today. We were hoping to finish it yesterday, and then get a head start on Corpse Party. We have to finish the next volume of that before we go to Japan, and the one after that is due two days after we get back, so the smart thing would be to finish that before we go, too. It's kind of funny, because we started Corpse Party right before we went to Japan in January, and now we're set to finish it right before (or right after) we go again.

Last night we finally pulled out the fortune-telling chocolate, which we knew was sort of a risk because we know it's just a game, but when we have big stuff going on, we tend to take things like that a little too seriously. Athena says she thinks it's one of those things that we take seriously and not seriously at the same time. Like if it agrees with how things are going or seem like they will be going, I take it as confirmation from the universe, and if it doesn't, I just shrug it off. This time a lot of it seemed like, "Yeah, we already knew that." So when we popped out the candy for okozukai (spending money) and the fortune was an X (bad luck), we were like, "...Yeah, we already knew that. Did you see our vet bill?" But we can't help getting our hopes up that we popped out the one for ryokou (travel) and it gave us a double circle (very good luck)! But of course, any trip that involves DisneySea is bound to be a good one.

...So that's a little look at our attitude toward that sort of fortune-telling game. And I'm not sure I have a whole lot else to talk about. Oh! Except that Justin Stroman is doing an article about how anime and manga translators learned Japanese, and we're going to be a part of it! Tadah! He thinks it's going to go up on Monday, so those of you who don't know can learn all about how we learned Japanese! He also told us ours was the longest answer. Nothing is ever simple with us, I guess.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our long list of deadlines, talk of new assignments, fun little games that involve chocolate, the USPS website working again, and our new Stitch Fix being on its way.
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