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We wrote a post for LiveJournal an hour ago! Read on to find out why!

The latest in the string of happenings this week is an internet outage. Tadah! It's kind of a funny reminder of how much we use the internet in our daily lives. Now would be a good opportunity to unplug from all the distractions and do some chores, but we're not quite ready to do that, so we're writing a LiveJournal entry on notepad (to be posted later, when the internet is back) instead.

Not that I knew what I was going to write about anyway. I was going to talk about our newest Tokyo Treat box, though, because we're pretty excited about it! I think we might not be too weirded out by everything in the box! The iffiest thing is the Pretz, which, if we're reading the label correctly, is a "mild roast" flavor. It could mean they roasted the breadsticks mildly, but it could mean, like, a pot roast. I don't know. We'll find out later! We also got some honey butter flavored potato chips! We were so excited to see it, because the milk potato chips from last month were amazing! I've been flashing back to them all day. There was an apology letter in the box telling us why we got honey butter potato chips instead of wasabi ones, and we were like, "Are you kidding? Honey butter is way better than wasabi!" Not that we've ever had wasabi, but we're a lot less afraid to try honey butter.

We also got some "mugipon", which looks like popped wheat, and is milk coffee flavored. So that one's kind of iffy, being coffee, but I think it will be okay, since it's not a drink. There were some watermelon gummies, and some Torotto, which one of our new friends from Japan shared with us when we went to the Fox Village together. The ones she had were the regular plain chocolate ones, but these ones have a mango filling. We don't always like mango, but sometimes mango is great, so I'm excited. We really likesd the regular chocolate Torottos. The idea behind them is to have chocolates that don't melt in your hands, so they're kind of like a hybrid of chocolate and cookie. And we didn't remember what they were called when our friend shared them with us, so we're really happy that Tokyo Treat sent us some!

But back to this internet outage thing. The time is mildly frustrating, because we were getting pretty close to finishing the volume of My Monster Secret that we were working on. We can do a lot without the internet, but there could still be some stuff that we'd have to highlight to return to and fix later, and that's just annoying, so we might as well save it all for later and go do something else in the meantime.

Anyway, Athena just reminded me that we have some interesting books that have been waiting to be read...and we still have some video games to get through. So we have a lot we can do without the internet, and I think we'll take advantage.

Today I'm thankful for the latest Tokyo Treat box, a reminder of what those things were that our friends shared with us on the way to the Fox Village, having some concrete plans to go to Disneyland next week (twice, actually...), honey butter potato chips (I don't know if I like them yet, but I like the concept), and an internet provider sponsored evening off from work. [Also thankful that the internet is back.]
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