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Your Lie in April volume 8

Things continue to be hectic. The dentist told me to make sure to give her a whole hour today, which was fine because we didn't have any other plans for any set time. What wasn't fine is that the appointment actually took two hours, and it was a lot more involved than I realized. And I have to go back in about two weeks for what I sincerely hope is the last part of this process.

But anyway, today is Review Rednesday! So let's have some Your Lie in April to help us feel better. Spoiler level: moderately high.

The first thing that stands out about this volume is the ending. Whoa. What is that all about? I don't know if the English version will have the same preview as the Japanese version, but the Japanese preview indicates that Kosei is going to take Kaori's question seriously. Of course, that could just be the work of clever editing, but we won't know for sure until we read volume nine! Still, quoting things is kind of a thing Kaori does, so on the one hand, I don't know if she means it seriously, but on the other hand, even when she quotes Snoopy, she means what she's saying.

Plus, what she's going through seems pretty terrifying. The scene where she's walking down the hall and suddenly her legs stop working? Oh man. I wonder if she's in a lot of pain, or if everything's just going numb. Whatever's happening, it can't be any fun, poor girl.

And then there's Kosei, seeing what happened to his mom happening all over again with the first girl he's really cared about since his mother. Man, these poor kids!

And Tsubaki! This volume is pretty awful for all of them, although maybe not so awful for Tsubaki? Since Kosei is being nice to her and stuff. The scene where Saito breaks up with her was so sad. That was the one where I got really nervous as a translator, because I really wanted to convey all the emotions just the right way, but I wasn't sure if we were up to the task. I comfort myself by saying they're all just kids anyway, so it's not like they're the most eloquent people of all time. But anyway, the pain in Saito's face as he broke up with her! He cared about her so much! I hope he's happy with his new love. I hope he wasn't making it up.

Then there's Nagi. Nagi is hilarious. Maybe I just like her because she's an outlet for all my own hate... But it's just so funny that she's seriously writing out assassination plots. It's cute how she's in love with Takeshi. I'm going to take this opportunity to point out how frustrating it was trying to deal with the omochikaeri thing. That's the word that Hiroko used that we translated to hookup. The double meaning is so much smoother in Japanese! We probably could have gotten the nuance across if we had just had Hiroko say something about bringing women home with him, but we needed an actual word that wouldn't be familiar to Koharu. Argh! Oh well, hopefully it wasn't too phoned-in.

This series makes it a little hard to root for anyone romantically, because Tsubaki and Kosei are so cute together, but so are Kosei and Kaori! But then, Kaori's going to die, probably, so that's like no worries, then, but she's going to DIE! That just makes Tsubaki seem like some kind of terrible person, although I'm pretty sure she's not rooting for Kaori's death.

So I guess we'll just join Hiroko and hope for Kosei to overcome the sadness and find joy.

Today I'm thankful for being done at the dentist for today, our Tokyo Treat box arriving, there being a fairly decent chance that we can finish My Monster Secret tomorrow without too much trouble (finishing it on Friday would be okay, too), having some Carnation Instant Breakfast now that I'm hungry but don't want to bother too much with food, and it being time to go lie down.
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