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Slightly unusual day

I think today has been a lot better for everyone, even with the orthodontist appointment. It went quickly and was followed by Joe's Italian Ice, so no complaints there. They were even having a Free Taco Tuesday...which we did not take advantage of, because we don't like food.

Page seems to be doing better...I think. She never really seemed to be doing all that badly until we gave her a flea treatment. Yesterday the vet asked if she was acting any different or having any trouble of the kind you might expect from parasites, but the answers were all no. He checked her heart and her tummy and said everything seemed fine. She did hide from us almost all day today, though, possibly to make sure we didn't whisk her away to uncomfortable places with yapping dogs again. But not before she hung out with us for a while and even rolled over onto her back to let us know she was feeling comfortable enough to do that kind of thing, so things are going pretty well on that front.

We still have a ton of other things to take care of, though, including but not limited to the translation we have due on Monday, which is taking forever by our usual standards. We would have finished the first draft today if we hadn't been so busy doing other non-work things. We haven't taken more than two days to finish a first draft in like a year. ...Well, except maybe the last time we did My Monster Secret. This series always takes forever. There's just so much talking!

We've also been asked to help with an article, but I won't say more about it because I don't know if the author wants to surprise people or not. And we had to finish filling out that thing I mentioned yesterday where the agency wanted us to update our profile. They wanted translation samples, so we took a break from it so we could decide what would be the best sample, and then we kind of forgot about it because of the whirlwind. We remembered it today, and remembered that we wanted to go with the scene from Noragami: Stray Stories where Yato confronts the serial killer. I'm not sure if it's a good sample of our translation skills, per se, since it seems like a pretty straightforward translation (I have memories of it being very easy), but it is a very funny scene.

And that's all I guess. Today is just one of those slightly unusual days.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to Joe's Italian Ice, Page emerging from hiding, making fairly decent progress on work today considering, intimidating emails that turn out not to be scary at all, and fond memories of Stray Stories.
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